CMS and WordPress from the point of view of building a website

has been holding two websites for a long time, one of which is my personal blog, Two Lovers, and the other is a web site I’ve made – web. In the early establishment of twisted Bo network, have tried all kinds of platform program, from WordPress to Z-blog, and finally to the CMS system, try a lot, there are many in this time operators understand, experience a lot. Take it out and analyze it with everyone else. I hope you can correct me.

was built on a simple web site as a collection of data, so the goal has been locked in the use of CMS (content management system). Select this because it is convenient for the classification and management of content. For a collection station, daily material throughput is great, a blog is only architecture cannot meet such a large throughput, either from the post, or later management, or the stability of the system, there is no way compared with CMS.

initially chose a dedicated CMS system. Coincidentally, after visiting many websites, it is known that there is such a system that the world is not wordpress. Many of the domestic CMS system, from the dream to the Empire, and phpcms, each one is a good system, installation is also very simple, just a difference in stability and management. To my feeling, the CMS system pays more attention to the communication between people. For comments and articles, they have the permission of the civilians. Of course, the background can be set up. This can be the diversity of the article to be fully reflected, in the absence of the use of software acquisition, the school of thought, contention is the fastest way to enrich content. Communication between multiple users can also bring good return rates and conversion rates. At the same time, in the content of the show, CMS also has this WordPress incomparable advantages. Multi module and multi way to display the article, enter from the original text links to the home page slideshow, everything can be classified and displayed very good on the published article, so that visitors can quickly find the required content, the content of interest.

on the other hand, the multi module of the CMS system will make the page more full page layout is also, in the visitor arrival instants can be "here a lot of resources, very full, you will be required to send out the concept of". CMS system flaw is the background operation is too cumbersome, for just getting started a webmaster, module options, so many dazzling, after continuous commissioning is not what good effect, only by virtue of this, has been able to make many people flinch. Another drawback of CMS system is not a lot of support for third party providers, domestic CMS system is almost half-dead, at best can also provide some simple modifications of the templates, plug-in is not enough to meet the standard. CMS Department abroad

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