Entrepreneurs how to look at Tencent’s follow up you do business not innovation

Abstract: Entrepreneurship only need to do business on the line, without the need for innovation. Graduated from junior high school which is why many people, why finally in the business field than those with higher degrees are more successful, and when they started, even without what innovation, only imitate.


first sent to see a cow answer:

VC asked: "if Tencent also do this product, what is your future?"

answer: Tencent also has investment department, you VC what is the future?

answer is wonderful, it is God replies, but don’t take it seriously. Focus on the following.

this article is written for ordinary users and entrepreneurs to see, rather than for investors to see. Add a more accurate Title: entrepreneurs how to look at Tencent’s follow up".


is not either this or that. There are some things in this world, one is enough, and some have more than one. For example, such a communication tool QQ, there is a enough, more useless, but like the BBS forum, then a very good, every atmosphere will not be the same.

so, it is best to choose a small company to do the latter, when Tencent came to grab the market, it’s a massive entry, will greatly expand the market space, so that more people to accept this new thing. People are not robbed of your market, but to help you expand the market. Therefore, you can follow it, the use of its rapid expansion of capacity to achieve their expansion. As long as you can make their own personality, the user will usually choose to use Tencent services, but also to try your services. So in the body of the effort, as long as make their own characteristics, will be able to retain a large number of users.

users in the world only need a few things, so many years, Tencent really trampled the dead few companies, but instead can use a lot of Tencent’s competition, to better develop their own. Like the forum portal these users naturally like more than one choice. Even if like QQ gadgets, such as complex operating system tools (this just shows that users see the simple and complex, in fact behind QQ than simple operating system), the world would only live a. So, for what users can and cannot use what is a idiot thing! Most people can benefit from the Tencent in the competition.

second, see the nature of competition. As far as I know, the past ten years, really is eaten by Tencent have a reputation of the company, is a home together. This time, there will be some more with me happy farm example. Then talk about them, although one is the enterprise, one is only an application.

Lianzhong’s death, what reason is because of the Tencent, or to say two. If there is a good leader Lianzhong >

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