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3 how do you make more profit from each customer?

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O2O the concept of the most direct way to solve the first problem, bring new users, so the next line of business in order to meet the "group purchase" website, tend to do a lot of work and training, and give a high discount, these costs are included in the "marketing cost", although no law group purchase bring considerable profits, or even to lose money, but the most important is that expectations of a certain proportion of new users into the old users, often repeated consumption back; secondly, the way through the group purchase clear inventory, especially immediately expired products.

1 Mobile Mobile:


below is his full text:

recently with entrepreneurs often mentioned is SoLoMo and O2O, in order to improve the communication efficiency, or write to share with you, we also welcome the spread, to allow more entrepreneurs to get some entrepreneurial inspiration from here.

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1 how to get more new customers;

first of all, O2O represents the user from the line to the next line of consumption, you can say that Groupon detonated the concept of O2O, imitators have. This model is easy to get offline merchants recognition, because the traditional offline business owner’s core thinking of the three questions are:

SoLoMo model is relatively more suitable for entrepreneurs. Let’s take a look at Social, Local and Mobile:

O2O, the mode of entrepreneurship is a fatal problem for entrepreneurs, is the flow line where? Entrepreneurs and Internet portal giant in comparison, online traffic is a world of difference, so O2O model is especially suitable for vertical portals and Internet giant as a supplement of the cash flow, especially when advertising a slump in sales or profit decline; O2O model is not suitable to become entrepreneurs first step into the market mode.

2 how to retain more regular customers;

traditional understanding >

! Under the current 2006-12-26


on the field of mobile Internet popular entrepreneurs sought after SoLoMo and O2O, angel investors, 2 Mobile Forum founder Wang Lijie think it should be a rational view, not yihongershang. He believes that SoLoMo model is more suitable for the grass-roots entrepreneurship than the O2O model; Wang Lijie also believe that the extension of the mobile Internet is not the Internet, but I The students surpass the teacher. When Ma Huateng said that all industries will be Internet based, Wang Lijie’s understanding is that all industries will be mobile Internet,

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