As an entrepreneur Chen Anni did something wrong


The story of

back in November 2013 day, coordinate Dazhongsi station, Chen Daniang pancake stalls appeared.

subway station Dazhongsi the lack of pancake stalls, but Chen Daniang pancake has several characteristics: cheap, cheaper than the market price 5 cents; heart – special sauce, miso salty not inferior; innovation in the hot strip also did not fire up time, Chen Daniang pioneered in Riga this hot pancakes unique means of cooking, a new taste experience to this traditional food pancake a redefinition like innovation.

and Dazhongsi subway station on the bridge has several pancakes different, regardless of color and flavor are walking in the street (fried and Huang Taiji "indoor pancake" to distinguish the trend). Chen Daniang pancake like a pancake wrapped in oil industry in the spring, the fragrant aroma blowing thirst of urban young men and women face, daily turnover soared, listed on the NASDAQ bell point the day and await for it. Then, less than a month, Chen Daniang was the subway two other joint reporting the pancakes.

in order to subvert a dominant position in the world dominated by bad currency, it is necessary to become a bad currency first, and only to be expelled from the good money.

high arch foot, tombstone high Yizhang


first I use later replaced by the burqa, cartoon Island, one of the most recent is chase comics.

basically domestic cartoon App are like this: first an experience similar to App comics comic resources all online to climb the side, that the whole network of the whole, is really special, and all have to diffuse yellow BL subscribers explosive growth, the amount of users to delete the Huang diffuse to continued to rise slowly, BL delete the user to start advertising investment cooperation, and make the country diffuse distribution channels make money "in the content of audit started in the Ministry of culture, the development of social transformation in the forefront of non just function, the user drops slowly in the high.

is particularly evident in the field, if you ask App to do a genuine, not steal, (we do not have the law as the basic area) is no way to live at home.

there must be a small carpenter who stood up and said: "you have not done, how do you know that no one?."

, but it really does…… Last year, NHN PlayArt and Manga Box respectively in the face of Nichia launched two genuine App, called king of comics and Comico, every week to sync magazine in Japan even in the comic out (only the current), the official Chinese synchronized yo! Yo!

but not what the two eggs, downloads App in the domestic application market but also the million – and comics are Buka Island millions of users to download.

and I think Chen Anni goodpain, this is obviously a laughter poor prostitute era, but died in.

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