Three new board is now interested in the first unit of electricity supplier he sold 3 sets of inter

, but its founder, Huang Tiancai, believes that short-term losses can help the platform to complete faster user accumulation. He said his interest in addition to the current B2C fun supplies sales, or sexual health community, as of August 2015, he has 30 million active users interest, community day live hundreds of thousands of registered sex ratio is 6:4, of which 90 accounted for 40% of users.


he was interested in previous community themed activities: you went to 99 places, met 99 people, drank 99 Kinds of wine, but the important sex life at night could be neglected and repressed. In Huang’s view, the gender health exchange community is an important foundation for future earnings. In its prospectus, >

is a bank that serves farmers.

three main business income accounted for more than 60% toys, according to public disclosure of information, his interest to fun supplies electricity supplier B2C sales, the three main business respectively, male and female condom sales Toys and lingerie sales sales.


, whose interest was registered in 2012, is a Xiamen based consumer goods company, formerly known as "cost performance."". November 2014 was the morning of venture capital 50 million yuan A round of investment, and officially changed its name "interest"; 85 million yuan B round of investment in August 2015 announced the completion of CITIC, Ding Feng Shenzhen Qianhai high Shengrong credit assets, equity investment and fortune venture capital investment, and disclosed has launched the new three board listing procedures.

this year, Yunus won the Nobel peace prize, let Yin believes he is right: "people have no collateral, for 30 years, helping so many poor people, risk control well, bad rate below 2%. We are under 5 million yuan of loans, basically do not do." In the new round of bank promotion, Yin was defeated. Double disappointment led him to resign in June 2007.


he wanted to go Mohamed · Yunus’s way.


Yin Fei wants to be a bank for farmers like Yunus. He can not get a licence in china. He can register with a small loan company, but neither has so much money 20 million yuan in registered capital

however, the whole industry is shocked, Yin Fei made adhere to the "do not reveal the position of investors. Yin Fei has reported the case to the Public Security Bureau, but in August, 3 months later, the Public Security Bureau has not yet filed. Yin Fei and the loan to help network "fallback" also means that before they want to go all the legal procedures, the investment projects all the losses will be borne by the 500 individual investors on the matter.

currently, approved the completion of the new three board listing his interest, single par value of 1 yuan, 450 million shares of total stock, that is, the new board issued a total market price of 450 million yuan.


he is still at a loss. However, the disclosure of information display, his interest has not been profitable, 2013, 2014 and 2015 as of September, his interest were a loss of 800 thousand yuan, 2 million yuan and 8 million 800 thousand yuan.

May 4th morning news, according to the National SME share transfer system of public information disclosure, Xiamen seals information technology Limited by Share Ltd listed on the consent letter recently received, this means that this with "he Qu" well-known platform B2C fun electricity supplier formally listed on the new board, the new board has become the first fun electricity supplier shares. Prior to this, the set of manufacturing and sale of fun products as one of the lovers, has become the new three board on the first shares of interest products.


Yin Fei had hoped he could be a bank for farmers like Yunus. This focus on rural urbanization, small and micro gold clothing P2P platform, "loan help network" is now facing a sum of up to 12 million 800 thousand yuan risk of overdue wear down.

specific data, the main business in 2014 and 2015 as of September sales revenue were: 24 million 500 thousand yuan and 34 million 50 thousand yuan. Among them, men and women sporting goods sales accounted for 60%, condom sales accounted for 21%, sexy underwear sales accounted for 17%.

before discussing the Yin Fei and loan to help network do not reveal all the positions, we look at the development of the company. In fact, "entrepreneurs" as early as 2011 this has interviewed 6 years of the company, who wrote "the village to young people watch" of rural microfinance organizations on a loan to help the rural microfinance services report.

Yin Fei is from Jiangsu. He is also born in the countryside like most of his employees. In 1992, 16 year old Yin admitted to Tsinghua University, but failed to enter the Department of computer science, was deployed in the Department of water conservancy. He doesn’t attend lectures or even take exams. He taught himself computer. He was out of school. Yin went to Shenzhen and joined Zhang Shuxin, an e-commerce company founded in Haiwei. Internet bubble burst, Yin applied to enter the Shenzhen commercial bank to build online banking. In 2002, Yin Yin, 26, was promoted to be the youngest member of the grade level cadre in the line because of outstanding achievements". Yin found that although online banking was busy, it was far from the mainstream banking business. He began to teach himself finance, finance, and get involved in SME lending business. 2006, Ping an acquisition of Shenzhen commercial bank, vice president in charge of Beixin Yin to the small and medium-sized enterprise credit value, becoming its secretary. Yin designed a small business credit scheme without mortgage and Guarantee Corporation, and ultimately because the bank "mortgage culture is strong" can not be implemented. Yin is depressed.

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