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is the market leader in Japan Home Furnishing enrichment: absolutely, philosophy is "the colorful environment Home Furnishing par Europe was dedicated to everyone in the world, and strive to ensure the quality of the products will be with the function and price reduction of 1/2". The idea and strategy of success to attract a large number of consumers at home and abroad, 2016 profit should be achieved operating income of 512 billion 900 million yen about 31 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of 12%, net profit of 59 billion 900 million yen about 3 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of 27.7%.

sh419 blocked off, the owners applauded, owners complain incessantly. As a Taobao customer small webmaster, I cannot comment. sh419 as a search engine, has its own rules of rights, whether the accused with compliments, all can’t change its rules. Like any website, the user agreement by the web site, and not in accordance with the user wishes to develop.


shield sh419 spider, is actually making rules themselves, no matter what sh419 opinion, no matter what platform user views, the rules formulated by Taobao. From this perspective, sh419 is justified, Taobao also justified. Whether it is accused of sh419, or sh419 to compliment people, also have their reasons. But everyone is not the same point of view, see the situation is not the same.

IKEA: Home Furnishing global market share of the first king, adhering to the "provide a wide range of beautiful and practical, affordable Home Furnishing products" business philosophy, IKEA has become the world’s most successful Home Furnishing of retail enterprises. 2016, IKEA’s operating income and net profit reached 35 billion 100 million euros, 4 billion 200 million euros, respectively, an increase of 7.3% and 20%.


domestic Home Furnishing companies per capita sales, Hansen, Yi, IKEA profit was 4 million 244 thousand yuan, 3 million 268 thousand yuan and 1 million 528 thousand yuan, the operation efficiency significantly higher than the domestic first-line brand Home Furnishing customization level, what are the achievements of the three leading Home Furnishing

A stock home inspiration: industry evolution routes, real estate, valuation, market capitalization of

we found that, Hansen, IKEA, Yi Yi as a global home leader, there are similarities in their success, but also have their own exclusive road. Summing up, four points are worth learning:

The industrial development route of The original Taobao

what are their bigger and stronger common genes,

I used to know a student, every time the Internet is everywhere, Taobao customer links. A group of a blog behind the message not to mind taking the trouble, but finally, no harvest greatly disappointed. Maybe this is just one example, but I know many Taobao customers, they have the same conditions, Taobao how to explain? I deny that I have succeeded by Taobao, but the success of how many people? Taobao is nothing more than making a beautiful lie, cheat more people for the compulsory service of Taobao. In addition to this, I can’t think of any explanation.


The Taobao

but sh419 blocked Taobao customers, Taobao how to knock up. As Taobao continues to grow, now Taobao has shrunk, in front of the sellers and small owners, Taobao can make the rules a person willing to leave, follow the rules, do not comply with the rules alone. Some sellers so Taobao can not change Taobao Voices of discontent., strong, believe that many sellers have this feeling. As Ma claims "new network business", is nothing but a Taobao set the rules of the game. A company trying to develop new business rules, new business enterprises civilization, no ambition is absolutely not. But too much ambition, perhaps the eyes can not tolerate others.

is so completely forget how to break the blockade of eBay strong, development to the point today. If there is no small owners, perhaps not today’s Taobao. Today, Taobao Alliance MOM, how many webmaster can benefit? Did Taobao alliance webmaster, a very clear account of heart. With a bad words, Taobao alliance is a fraud platform, don’t attempt to gain from. As for the Taobao guest website, actually not much difference between. Webmaster website promotion, return and pay was completely proportional. These passengers were obsessed with Taobao, Taobao is actually in the shape of the mythology inextricably bogged down in.

is now Taobao sh419 blocked off, this is to regulate their own rules, at the same time is also to help Taobao. The so-called A just cause enjoys abundant support., an unjust cause finds scant support. Taobao if there is no more reasonable.

1, set up shop, as far as possible to provide one-stop shopping; 2, construction of the high frequency of consumption, and maintain the connection between consumers; 3, widen the coverage of clients price, design; 4, improve the supply chain management, reduce the cost.

A shares Home Furnishing custom enterprise future will be Hansen + should profit model is divided into three stages: stage one, the expansion of the category, do book house custom two, multi brand stage; stage; three stage, from Hansen to evolution should profit from selling mode, Home Furnishing products into selling the taste of life. At present, the domestic custom home enterprises and South Korea Hansen’s business model is the most similar, are taking the whole house customized industrial development path. Benchmark Korea’s population size and structure, urbanization rate, the size of the real estate transactions and other indicators, the current market value of Korea’s Hansen 28 billion yuan, I am

three leading home enterprises background:

Hansen: since 1970, from the professional kitchen furniture company, occupy 24% of the Korean cabinet market, dominate the Korean home industry for 45 years. 16 years to achieve revenue of 1 trillion and 940 billion won, an increase of 13.1%, equivalent to about 11 billion 760 million yuan, net profit of 127 billion 500 million won equivalent to about 770 million yuan, an increase of 11%.

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