The A8 alliance VR song price 6 hair whyThe AdSense preview tool produced by shlf1314

      A8’s IVR has experienced ups and downs, so I know very well what is the ultimate standard of the webmaster —- income!

What is the


shlf1314 produced AdSense preview tool
is the followingWhat is the

view the page in advertising target URL: display in the preview tool in advertising in test mode, so you don’t have to worry about accidental clicks on the ad –


      2 yuan channel in the past three months, outside the lease to the mainstream of the IVR alliance promotion; after a large flow, long time delivery, has confirmed the total A8 channel length conversion capability;

preview page in the menu palette color: "use" Preview "feature, you can see what the new color is more suitable for the existing AdSense

      is the effect really good?! The market is so unstable now.

How does

other features include:

      A8 IVR price adjustment, did you do the amount of deduction?

      as an old administrator of A8 alliance, I understand webmaster’s idea very much. I am here to make an honest exchange with you, and I also welcome different opinions, PK.

      the site of A8IVR is currently being approved for advertising revenue

      ha ha, you know I would say, "of course not."". In fact, to be more precise, it is unnecessary.

      similar advertising products, the effect of each alliance is not the same method, on this basis, compared to the unit price is meaningless. This has also been a concern for us, and we have confirmed it in two directions:

preview tool supports all languages currently available to AdSense. Install this tool not >

      A8 alliance sleeping for a year, now there is only one idea, we have this ability, we must let the webmaster IVR song higher income, regardless of how the market changes, it will be our focus goals.

      what’s the use of price adjustment? Not long, no use at all!

shlf1314 AdSense preview tool?

geolocation location: select geolocation location for browsing ads, even if you live in Japan, you can also see the ads seen by Canadian users.

      A8 is not severely deducted? Otherwise, how dare such a price adjustment?

      October 18th, SP self union A8 Union announced that its IVR VOD business overall by 6 gross / minute settlement, the end of November in the launch site also will receive 15% of the extra income reward. As everyone knows, the market price of the IVR alliance is divided into 5 gross / min, A8 alliance the price greatly, will undoubtedly make more sense to many Webmaster:

install / uninstall preview tools?

shlf1314 AdSense preview tool is a supplement to the Windows Internet Explorer 6.x
right-click menu, it can be used in any web page ads show preview. Just click on my several times through the action, you can know what the advertisement may appear in the new page on your own, you can also use this tool to determine whether or not to join the
AdSense code to the existing web advertising.

shlf1314 AdSense preview tool?

can see other countries / regions, users see advertising?

advertisers to display advertising pay per click to preview tool?

has been blocking URLs will appear in the preview tool?

preview tool in advertising and web advertising on what is the difference?

which browsers and my action system with preview tool compatible?

preview tool can be used to frame the page?

      the most important reason is that the A8 alliance itself is SP, 2 yuan song is used to channel their alliance, which means that A8 has a stronger ability to control ability and profit in products.

looks at the format and color of the ads: a preview of formatting and color matching is generated in the preview tool. There are two different preview formats to choose from, and there are also twelve ad widths that allow you to see more effective ads at once.

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