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Two people

well, we began to say what is the word SEO flicker, flicker everyone for having heard it many times it, this action is like outsourcing SEO, cheat customers from dozens of companies chosen you, but it is also a good way, or you will suddenly, or you have to control the super technology. Because I have a few friends around, by this way, won the trust of many companies, but some good results, but also have a reputation.

second is the theory of SEO, this is the "high-end", to control a lot of optimization of the theoretical knowledge, use these theories to make the listener feel dizzy, he is a profound master copy, but in fact only would say, of course there are exceptions, I the total with some of my students say is the SEO theory with actual SEO there is a big difference, as will any theories will make a successful website, although there are a lot of people do not understand the theory, but can make a small and medium range than companies with much money, because many companies do help an analysis, I also saw a lot of the company’s director is really just a decoration, no men will combat it, can only say that this guy would say, oh

four: Ali mother TOP open platform

1: throw a single question,

combined with App key, indeed greatly improved website data, just call APP frequency sudden limit policy, broke some dream to make money, make some Adsense high traffic to a

but now practical to think clearly a pseudo SEO show, there is a person by teasing, another person depends on a lot of SEO theory, many of my friends think this is a true war have a unique style, I hope my friends don’t the wrong way, must stick to my faith, the weekend with friends to eat when talking, in the end what SEO can do? As long as an answer in order to repay the money, seo=, is so simple, there are a lot of people say what to say the company carry out and so on, the ultimate goal is money, they are really these people say too written.

below, take the above I mentioned, but the premise is to say, SEO people in the company can be divided into 2 kinds, the first kind is really want to carry out the company’s but you must focus on excellent technology, second is not SEO in the company, I use SEO earn money is equal to zero probability of people, there are so many people, for example, is equivalent to 100 people as long as 10 people can earn money, the other 90 people either do not earn money, or earn less.

new or old, or how many feel strong in the competition, the Commission is more difficult to come, even too many people shouted, to quit Taobao off this occupation, Amoy the hardships of the road, everyone must experience, including one of my old friend, 18 hours a day at work in front of the computer, eat instant noodles every day, tired to not just calm down to rest, it is not to make money to eat dinner, but have no time to cook, go to the restaurant, he said to me, now Amoy established many small team competition, a little relaxation, couldn’t keep up with the pace of each month, earned 3000 yuan, in fact, is not easy to come.

do a simple keyword optimization for example, will the theory and actual analysis of people out of a lot worse, as some SEO analysis of sh419’s algorithm took out, but the site rankings are not good, even some people claiming to be the master, to mark the site optimization actually do not know the website ranking why would the ups and downs, we really want to laugh, when friends would say, these companies rely on Theory in the mix of people, if it is really what it is not, but to "book", a joke!



gradually appeared, the source added judgment statement, key app app key rotation, when the frequency is limited, and set up a number of APP key, automatically switch to the next app key, and TOP in the open platform Forum by the administrator in an official recommendation, and sell the prodigal moderators as the core of the program. With the price of 500 yuan in the sale, "

two: Taobao customers outlook

first opened the rebate web site, the idea is very good, indeed earn an income, such things are constantly follow, Taobao, Ali Mama, what is no longer mysterious occupation, a large number of Amoy friends began to apply his mom PID, buy, own ID rebate Amoy, can live long? How long can China? Indeed, 400 million Internet users, a large number and always accounted for a small portion of the market, but we are still in the drill voids in the gap, of course, I am personally like something fun, but in fact only our most clearly.

Since the

on the network a lot of repeat the same product title, search engines repeatedly pressure, drop the right, is entrepreneurship, or mixed food to eat, so far, it seems, is still unknown.

three: Taobao rebate website

to be taken by surprise!Until

this is no longer what fresh topic, from the occasional lost, and a large number of lost, perhaps every Taobao guests have experienced, and even a lot of Amoy even themselves do not know, after all, buyers did not buy, whether it is through the purchase of their own PID, we not only from the textual research. Buy yourself, to know the existence of losing a single problem, as for the official, until now still can not give a precise statement, is technical problems or where the loopholes, but until today 2010, losing a single hot issue has been sustained.

The optimization is not a theory but not the theory to actual SEO Wangzhuan Wangzhuan

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