A Shanghai Xingyue Longfeng original article group purchase at the end of the day

can edit, when doing the long tail keywords, keywords will appear in the title and content in nature.

common problems:


and A5 network in Shanghai dragon foundry promotion has been five years, providing nearly thousands of customers in Shanghai dragon foundry services, the services include writing original article soft Wen, on behalf of the chain, Taobao promotion and other services in the industry have a good reputation, has won a large number of loyal customers.


24, will be sent to the address you specified. This book, tomorrow to start writing, that is 9 tomorrow evening before the work results to you. Editing tasks are arranged in advance of the editorial department.

3. can help me do the long tail keywords

currently Xingyue Shanghai Longfeng team has 33 OEM network editor, chain group post customer maintenance personnel 21 people, 10 people, no matter how many articles and the chain a customer needs, we will complete as soon as possible, but also has enough ability to quickly complete, will not affect the progress of promotion of customers. Because of the success of.


2. if I need to book the original article, what time of day to day can write to me?

?Every night before

we are all handmade editors write your own original article, not false original article. Not what keywords replacement type, we can also according to the purpose of the angle of writing to write such a request if it is not pure manual is to do.

1. do you is the original or false original article


and Shanghai Longfeng OEM network promotion field won in the Internet, if you need to write the A5 group purchase customers can directly login address:

and Shanghai dragon network service for the OEM partners succeed. According to incomplete statistics, more than 95% have achieved more than the annual income of 50 thousand 75% in the annual income of more than 100 thousand, 30% customers in more than one million. The main reason for such a great achievement is that Xingyue Shanghai dragon net OEM service to allow customers to change the way of profit, before the webmaster rely on advertising and revenue optimization, now our partners are almost all in operation. Because of low cost optimization can be easily OEM. Let customers have more time to think about the direction and operation.

will be successful only the customer has and Shanghai dragon net foundry

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