Angel investors in the investment Rather than a company it is a priority to acquire information

editor’s note: the author of this article, Biondi Aramando, is the co-founder and COO of Facebook advertising hosting optimization platform AdEspresso. He had been involved in the creation of Pick 1 and the other four non technology companies, and data analysis software Mattermark and ten other start-up companies, angel investors, and Silicon Valley incubator 500 Startups partner. In this article, he analyzes the criteria that angel investors choose to start their own businesses and what they really want from them.

get the investment is still in the business failed in the end of the story, we have heard countless times, the business is not easy, but also familiar. But think about it, if the angel investors to invest in your company, your future, in terms of probability has been able to predict the majority of startups will collapse under the premise of why he would invest it?

indeed, angel investors pay close attention to the high yield possible, so they want to lower the price to buy your future shares — especially in the convertible bond financing can be used in the form of case. But equity is only a subsidiary income to them, or the result of a fall.

for an angel investor, startups are competing with hundreds or even thousands of rivals. Each of them, the attention of each, has a valuation of $3 to $6 million, of which there are very few may reach 8 million.

let us put a little bit of valuation things, for a scene. Imagine walking into a supermarket, and you need to make a choice in front of 20 corn chips with the same price. How are you going to make decisions? For angel investors, you and your competitors are like corn flakes on the shelf. So how do they choose to invest in general will be based on the following four elements:

your product

your team

market environment

the degree of attraction to the user

so angel investors will ask themselves before making a decision:

I like their products,


I like this team,


can I take the market they aim at,


are they doing things that are more popular with users than the "corn flakes" next door?

as an entrepreneur, if you want to improve your chances of getting an investment in the end, or to allow investors to give you a tempting number of checks, then you’d better give the answers to the above questions. Angel investors will certainly do enough homework before deciding to give money, they will know the details of the venture platform AngelList, the same will use Mat>

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