Gilt founder re start small fresh network wedding service Zola265 YOK super Search Toolbar installed

however, the company seems to have the most enthusiasm, this has its reason. Zola was established in late 2013, and in 2014, Mao received $8 million. According to new registrations in the past few months, the company expects revenue to grow to $40 million this year. In addition, the company plans to make a profit next quarter.

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Zola is fun. The app helps couples add products or activities to their wedding preparation program, which users can add to the right slider and slide left. It’s similar to dating apps, Tinder.

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Abstract after registration on Zola, the new couple can choose from about 8000 wedding related items.

, CEO Ma Shanlin Shan-Lyn Ma, said: "we think it’s a place to help you complete your personalized wedding registration."."

is registered on Zola, the new couple can choose from about 8000 wedding related items. Zola sells a variety of goods available for newlyweds, including the KitchenAid processor and the Waterford red wine glass. In addition, the site also supports users adding items that cannot be found from Messi stores, Crate, &, Barrel, and Taghit. For example, users can order side dishes through the site, which includes menus and prepared ingredients. In addition, users can buy bike tours from French wine regions.

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last month, I saw the New York science and technology industry heavyweights Kevin Ryan Kevin Ryan ·. The veteran entrepreneur has created a new company, Zola, a start-up company that helps users prepare for weddings and complete wedding registration.

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Zola’s management, including several former executives of Gilt, aims to help millennials prepare for the wedding. Such services should have an attractive interface that can be fun to use while providing excellent applications. At the same time, Zola has developed a retail and marketing website dedicated to wedding registration services.

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in addition, this service has very good flexibility. Users can request cash packages through Zola services for honeymoon, wonderful dinners, and even charitable donations. Users can also open collective purchasing functions. In this way, many guests will be able to buy big gifts for new people together. User >

is very excited about this new company, this is normal. After all, he founded Gilt, Groupe, Business, Insider, and open source database company MongoDB, and his job is to promote these companies.

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