Links chain confrontation soft outside the chain who controls

Links chain form in addition to related sites and exchange links, there are many forms is to establish their own independent website, and then build their own chain for these sites. Wheel construction is to use the A link to the station B station, B station, C station, the last in the chain to the A station, then all stations are also linked to the main station, this chain was formed in the weight transfer, can increase the weight of the chain station. But that form the chain easily damaged, once there are 1 sites by K, the whole chain will be faced with danger, do all the chain sprocket webmaster must make a site with independent IP, the space must be stable, finally use foreign host, no record, search engine is not easy to find group Lunarpages, the host can try, now all lun50off > discount code

website from design to construction on the line, the webmaster should have a comprehensive plan for how to increase the chain line on the site, I think the webmaster in the scheme should also be taken into account, there are a lot of the increase of the chain method, the key lies in what kind of chain is the site of need, is the chain to buy Links or bring the original soft, Links confrontation soft outside the chain who bloggers talk about their own views.

promotion methods Links is by looking for links to your site and similar sites, to their website with the keywords of the anchor text in the form of a link in others sites, transfer the weights to achieve Links. Links really can bring what kind of benefits, to the site investigation form: site traffic is mostly from search engines, so you can only make search engines more content, web traffic will more precisely, the benefits Links that can make the search engine website more content, so the chain of friendship the link is very important.

site is an on-line operation webmaster to thinking about to find a suitable link to the website, so what kind of website for Links and myself: first website update frequency, exchange Links first to see is the website update frequency, not updating frequency, users to the site is no time limit the very long time not update the site, the spider will not often patronize this station, this site snapshot is not too new, snapshot is a fatal point in Links. The weight of second site, many webmaster said they would think of PR website weight chain in exchange, the PR value is Google search engine to determine the site standard, but Google PR value for a long time will not be updated, it is not sufficient to explain the problem, the site right important website included, outside the chain, the chain construction etc. the. The final site correlation, Links difficult, especially for new sites, many webmaster to buy links means, buy links is good, must have good and bad, but in this to warn the webmaster to buy links, be sure to buy and own website of the link, this can improve the user experience, while search engines can also included more pages.


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