About love Shanghai bidding analysis minipage discount con


1, Mini Icon intended to show "official certification", reduce the other users of the same word for hits.


and figure second belong to the same page in the screenshot, we can clearly see the URL two domain minipage.baidu贵族宝贝 from love Shanghai, love Shanghai so get one, all have Mini Icon in the auction website in Shanghai love the two domain names under the exclusive coupon payment page, then it will for coupons will attract a lot of users love Shanghai undoubtedly also see the broad prospects for the market (my previous article "Outlook" analysis of the domestic market is analyzed the electronic coupon coupon market), the more opportunity reached the coupon market, became a B2C coupon platform.


There is a red "preferential" icon will attract more users click on the


auction, love from Shanghai can get more click costs, but also can improve the word click on auction prices by giving small icon mode.

3, with more opportunity to market

love Shanghai in the bidding in the search for Lee, we can see the red "preferential" icon appears behind the main auction site title, fell in love with the sea called "minipage", click on the icon you can see:

coupons reached the sea

love Shanghai bidding has been 360 search attack love in Shanghai is a large number of weapons, love Shanghai auction website, and the auction is the main source of income to love Shanghai, love Shanghai impossible in order not to let the 360 search to take the "handle" and give up the bid, Shanghai love can do is click on the guide, to increase the discount love is like a red icon of Shanghai official certification, increase credibility.

, 2 prominent auction, increasing their income.

love Shanghai obviously has opened up the two level domain name minipage.baidu贵族宝贝, the two level domain name also cannot access the home page. Why love Shanghai in the bidding to make the change? I used to explain my point of view:


love Shanghai bidding has been 360 search as a weapon of attack, 360 recently proposed Fang drug audit for bidding, it is clear that the "sarcasm love Shanghai, called for advertising is not real, that is to earn money. Love Shanghai. Love Shanghai bid for remediation is imperative, and recently, a change made love Shanghai auction, the emergence of minipage, above:

above is just my personal opinion about the love of Shanghai minipage, Shanghai launched what love what is the purpose of minipage? Only time to explain.


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