Optimization of factors of instability of the website ranking details on its website by

first, the optimization analysis of the recent operation site. For the enterprise the station keywords is confidential 贵族宝贝cnbaomi.org, currently hovering at home ninth and tenth places, the main operating practices, the weekly update the original article, the high quality of the chain to the second, the forum or classified information platform construction outside the chain, because it is the enterprise website, no cheating, is the basic mode of operation of these, the domain name age is nearly 2 years, currently included in the 261, the chain is about 960, the beginning of the line on the website has always insisted on the original article every day, after three months of steady, ranked in the top three, the current gradually reduced the frequency of updates, now is a weekly update. The basic situation and the recent website operation and everyone here, the author focuses on why the website has been hovering at home on the location.

third, need to upgrade the station for the update frequency. This article on the station, I have been good at is the construction of the chain, the recent effort has been placed outside the chain of construction, shorten the site update frequency, this will inevitably lead to reduced, the weights of the website as everyone knows, the high quality of the article is to attract the basis of love spiders from Shanghai also increased user communication, the core PV increase website viscosity the site update frequency is relatively slow, whether for a spider or users, first of all make the user experience poor taboo, this is worth thinking and reflection of things, then I want to strengthen the content of the article.

second, analysis the operational details of the website chain. The author in the process of the release of the chain, keywords released has been kept secret, because before Shanghai dragon why head teacher Cardiff said too single keywords may cause love Shanghai eleven phenomenon, this is one of the. Secondly, the chain release platform resources is relatively simple, the general is often several classified information network commonly used, are generally released security products, related to the form of advertising in the second forum, tui18, 28tui, the laggards on the chain, can create a site outside the chain is too thin, wide and the related problems, caused by natural and suspected cheating, this is just a guess. Finally, the website Links, we can see very little correlation between the friends of the chain, a lot of outbound links is the boss added, causing the site outbound links too much, the loss of part of the page weight, this is also the core problem.

recently the author of a business site, ranking fluctuated, has been in Shanghai love home ninth and tenth place, my own website optimization purpose is very clear, for his own enterprise site, must realize the first home, and now face problems in their own opinion, this situation has been suspended in rock optimization on the side, today I want to stand on the recent operation analysis, further optimization ideas and adjust, see if you can achieve weight and ranking soaring. Well, get continued short gossip. The first analysis of operation ideas of the web site under my own.

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