How to network game website editor to optimize their work

of the world’s legendary game website once because of the death of the web site links too much, caused by love Shanghai right down, because too many dead links, let love Shanghai spider crawling speed is very slow, but many users also complain about time to open their own web sites, there are open problems, and all of this is because the site within the chain, not well optimized, and the internal chain optimization work, need to edit the site to complete, so, now the editor of the website content, just add up, or not, also.

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, the key operation is the legend of the world, and now the legend of the world there are many beautiful pictures, but also from their play legend, cut some exquisite picture of the game, these pictures can be edited using up very well, especially for some articles, so that to increase the number of the pictures, it can greatly increase the readability of the article, after all we do, more important is to help users, so the pictures of the way, it is easy for users to understand, of course, the picture must be treated, can not make size is too large, otherwise it will affect the site open speed! The website is a success or death in a nidea.

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three: how to add the inner chain in the article, and optimize the internal chain

as a web editor, at least have a point of Shanghai Longfeng optimization skills, and reasonable distribution of keywords is undoubtedly very focused, because the core keywords can not be less than a certain percentage, usually the core keywords in a content inside there should be nearly 4 percentage point to 7 points, and these key words should be. As far as possible the scattered, not concentrated in a particular paragraph, in short, is the key to look very natural, so it can enhance the correlation of web content effectively, but also can increase the weight of the core key words! Of course, if properly derived from the core keywords out more long tail keywords, and appropriate for the website optimization, help more! After all, content construction, operation system for the entire site is the foundation of


A: first of all to the distribution uniformity of the core keywords

in the communications industry, in fact, now a lot of talent communication sites are the stationmaster itself part-time, but with the increase of the scale of website, webmaster more energy will be stretched, one of several roles, is certainly not, so the network editor can be extracted by the method alone, others part-time, can great for the liberation of their legendary world website content construction, but many webmaster for website editor know very superficial, as long as you can make some false original, this is an obvious mistake, I would like to face the game website editor how to optimize their work, hoping to make the webmaster friends find their way to correct the construction of website content from

two: the appropriate insert pictures, increase the readability of the article

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