A bitter webmaster sad Shanghai dragon really so simple

in the operation of Shanghai dragon everyone seems to be very simple sentences, 1. station optimization. 2. station optimization, then the construction of specific point is website content and website site outside the chain. It is so easy, so simple, but really to do that, do succeed, can keep down again a few? Just like we often hear the "serious" two words, two words for this surely we are not unfamiliar can be heard from the little big right, and this "serious" two words is simple enough: everyone should also understand such a truth as the saying goes "nothing in the world, only afraid of" serious "two words" but you ask yourself how many people truly "serious" two words? Yang Zi said here Shanghai dragon also had to mention at present many traditional industries and enterprises want to get traffic through the search engine to improve the company’s sales, but the recruitment of Shanghai dragon or network promotion personnel in these companies when some BOSS in the first interview to give an interview In fact, researchers say, Shanghai dragon, network promotion is very simple, is writing, send what, say a. For this BOSS Yang Zi Shanghai dragon also met, he said it to you that the position salary is not high but, you also don’t ask too much of the work that everyone can do. Remember Yang Zi in the interview with Shanghai dragon BOSS recognized his meaning, he thought: since I rely on like you say so simple, why don’t you do it yourself ah, what also recruit professional staff, you don’t just pull a person into the street to do ah.

The content of

. Shanghai dragon website content construction

for the website content construction is the most basic Shanghai Longfeng, optimization of the core, but also the website to get higher source precise traffic, why? Maybe some friends will say, what is the direct relation website to get traffic sources and contents of the construction, not as long as the keyword layout optimization in the meta tag on it? Think friends are totally ignorant, did not understand the Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai dragon really so simple? Yang Zi in Shanghai Longfeng this years work practice has deep feeling of the problem, if we really want to do a website of Shanghai dragon is very energy and time consuming, especially when a person operating a website is very distracting, presumably this is often heard in the industry webmaster they laugh at the sentence: "bitter webmaster". For the "bitter stationmaster" at first Yang Zi Shanghai dragon is not to regard it as right but through the years, has been used as a first-line practitioners, it is truly appreciate the "bitter webmaster" really "bitter", so in the Yang Zi Shanghai Shanghai dragon and dragon seems like some people think not so simple.

said here may be some friends will ask, since the Shanghai dragon is not so simple, so it is not simple in the end is reflected in where? First, Yang Zi shied away from Shanghai dragon structure optimization site aside, one from the following two aspects to talk about the Shanghai dragon phoenix is not simply.

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