5 magic turning points to change my career

today is the 2016 annual membership service union officially launched the day, Mowgli brother wanted to write an opening speech, all the buddies, but a multitude of things, where to start?

late at night, the theme of the emergence of: I think of his 19 years of career, a few key turning point.


, a 96 year I was Jinan junior, because the job, were dropped out, no Yan Zaihua parents living expenses, hurry to find work everywhere. But the whole length of Guangzhou computer city, no one is willing to accept me. Finally, a student called Castle Peak, to his summer job computer company boss recommended me. He patted his chest to the boss, I will make this store business doubled!

boss because of the strong recommendation of the students took me, I start from 250 yuan monthly salary, really put their store performance doubled in second months. And then I started my first computer company in third months.

I have been silent gratitude to the old classmates, because he did not a recommendation, I may have missed the go on the road of entrepreneurship and the Internet IT.

two, I opened the computer store only 14 square meters, lack of customer relationship. The opening two days did not have a brother called China unfamiliar customers, buying a mouse, but he is very picky, I spent half an hour to help him more than and 10 mouse test, he did not choose a satisfactory, only earned him 10 dollars.

had a moon brother again, he said to me: in fact, I am a large state-owned computer department, I think your shop is small, but your attitude is very good, I want to introduce to you our unit designated procurement.

in this way, starting from the introduction of a strange customer, five years between me and this unit to do a total of nearly 10 million of the business. My brother and I have also become good friends, the mouse, I earned the first barrel of millions of gold!

three, 98 years I was unwilling to keep the shop every day in the computer city life, began to learn to play online, want to sell the computer on the internet. But I was never more bursts of mail, do not know how to network promotion and website construction. I looked everywhere for help, and later introduced by a female classmate in Guangzhou Telecom, one of the largest web site in Southern China, the person in charge of the Guangzhou window, became my first single resource integration project:

is available free of charge from the Guangzhou window to my site, two domain name, and to open a computer market column on its website. That is, every day in charge of the computer city to collect the latest quotes quotes, released to the website column. And in the daily quotation information below, I added our computer shop contact telephone number and remittance account.

in this way, relying on the visibility of the Guangzhou window, the first day of our computer quotation column has more than and 500 free traffic, the first day of the transaction on the first third 10.>

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