Five characteristics of exposure SKYCC combination marketing software detonated market


a lot of marketing software built, but the site limited data cannot make advertising information to maximize coverage, can not achieve the desired effect of marketing. For example: many marketing software built-in web site data usually about 3000. So the user can only in the thousands of websites to advertise our products inside their own information, but if out of a lot of new sites, not timely release to the latest web site to the marketing effect will be significantly reduced. The Internet needs to be updated quickly, advertising information released to the new website, marketing effect can be better embodied. One of the valve industry valve network Dong’ou resources is very good.

Network marketing software

February 2012, SKYCC launched the first combination marketing software, this is the SKYCC following the July 2011 launch of V8.0 marketing software version of another big move. Tracking access through a recent period of time, we also have a certain understanding of the following we analyze five major new features of the combination marketing software for a combination of new marketing software.


two: real time search, unlimited resources

single mode of marketing is to promote marketing on the one hand, on the premise of competition is not very intense, this kind of promotion can bring certain effect to the user, but with the rapid development of Internet, more and more marketing mode, the source is multi channel. This unilateral to promote marketing has significant limitations, unilaterally to do marketing has been unable to meet the needs of the development of small and medium sized enterprises.

Limited site data These

currently on the market are mostly single marketing software, what is the single way of marketing software? Is the software known as blog marketing software, the forum message software, etc. this type of mass mailing software.

three: the most comprehensive resource update the fastest

SKYCC combination marketing software to break through technical barriers, users can customize the keywords, simply to operate, can carry on the data resource search. Real time search is the latest and most effective mass site resources, can expand the site database independent, let users no longer worry of old site data, there are always new site resources to release a straight line to enhance the advertising marketing effect and coverage, make marketing more comprehensive.

SKYCC combination marketing software is the most effective way of marketing on the market together. As above, combined with a variety of marketing methods, allowing users to experience a multi-faceted marketing effect, straight up.


: a multi-faceted marketing effect, straight up

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