A Er should be four Shanghai dragon O essential ability

a qualified Shanghai dragon must have established and the construction site from the site plan, will lead to traffic transformation to obtain user transaction for a whole process just belongs to a qualified personnel in Shanghai dragon. A qualified staff in addition to the Shanghai dragon have Shanghai Longfeng professional technical level, but also the need for data monitoring and analysis capabilities and peace of mind, and are engaged in the industry is very understanding, in order to do Shanghai dragon. The following is a necessary ability of Shanghai dragon.

3. Shanghai dragon operation experience. Shanghai Longfeng experience includes content + chain. The contents of the construction must be very understanding of the industry, for example, I used to be watering car sales, then do the sprinkler site of Shanghai dragon, then I know that the purchase of sprinkler car customers are most concerned about is the price for this car LED advertising, LED advertising the price of the car itself is relatively high, so many users do not bear so, when I was in the site planning, the important position of the relatively higher price, the price is relatively cheap LED advertising cars on my website, and then highlight my price, as a result, my website jump out rate is very low, so the relative ranking is also very good. So if not for a detailed understanding of products, then the user needs analysis, you will not be able to make high quality content. What is outside the chain, said the chain is probably a lot of Shanghai dragon are very confused, do not know how to do the chain, but I think if you can’t find the chain, then your peers also face this problem. So you just a little better than them, you can.

1. site planning. The site must be for the industry needs analysis in the site before, according to user needs to make reasonable scheme of Shanghai dragon. Once the Shanghai dragon scheme we are late, do not easily change, otherwise it will affect our progress and ranking of Shanghai dragon. And the general site right down thirty percent is because the website is search engine punishment, so in order to avoid late website, we will do the analysis of website planning in the website before, later revised small part, which can lower the risk of right down.

2. Shanghai dragon form. We can make Links, cross link, included data quantity, the number of the chain and other a series of analysis table. A major work of Shanghai dragon is the data statistics, we can not feel any changes in the site, must be based on the data analysis is the premise to this planning website, our website even if the site is down right we can quickly find out the reason the site down the right, such as we recently found the site of friendship the corresponding links are missing, then our website ranking has declined, it could be because of the loss caused by the Links right down. Only when we are on our website of the data statistics, we on the site when only targeted for improvement, rather than in the down right after the helpless. So we must do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng statistics.

The analysis of

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