Five effective ways to improve the work efficiency of Shanghai Dragon

Two, learn to share with each other

is the only company of Shanghai dragon ER and personal webmaster feel every time is very tight, every time is not enough but at night always feel this day what had been done on the end of the. That is the work efficiency, I am in the company engaged in Shanghai Longfeng work every day working time is about 12 hours. To maintain the station every day is almost 15 or so. How in the shortest time to complete the work and ranking the real impact? Today and share with you.

three, to visit the forum

use our hands to reach each other website, always exchange content pages and other webmaster or Shanghai dragon ER. A in your web site optimization to write to B, B to send the C.C to A article. The squad is not what special fixed as long as it is a regular cycle link group can be. Now this group will be more cooperative links, but try to dig their own partners. What group of narrow-minded people have.

Know a Shanghai dragon ER day signature set into several web sites and mixed forum before

I think the chain blog we will use it, many people have suggested to each site to get a blog more than 10 blogs do the chain wheel of a wheel pointed to a website and maintain these blogs. In fact, in my opinion blog just through the text with the increase website weight, your blog content quality largely determines how much weight transfer. Is the concept of break up the whole into parts with my 10 blog, the blog as your promotion tool. Not only need your collection of related articles add draw text links to increase the chain and weight, is that you need to write some high quality articles! These articles can be in any form to attract others reprint your article. As you write the log in the QQ space, people will certainly reply blog article will be reproduced. We have high weight blog instead of the chain blog group built fidgety cycle. Although this method is very effective and very easy, but the time required for the cultivation of the new blog is about 25-30 days.

, to break up the whole into parts

. In fact, it seems to me that this is wrong, we know that the search engine spiders love called a "domain" concept. The idea is that the content relevance of your article, you next to a web site is full of links or signature is not related to the content of the search engine crawling is very unfavorable. This is why we are the best way to write soft article is released to the industry website related to the reason. High weight forum with A5 included the time is about 1 hours, so we try to respond to those within one hour of the posts to ensure every time their replies were brought back to their own. Certainly not to see the content does not grab the sofa. Then we can set a signature, relevant contents and links to a web site and then reply post work. >

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