How do put a site a mess

added two regional key after some key site keyword ranking rose to a relatively good position. It really is a good medicine to modify the title of

in May according to the previous step, every day will stop the chain and write some original. But the site of some of the important keyword ranking did not change much (relatively low), so I started the first to modify the site title. Add the two regions (Chengdu, Guiyang)



just went for about 20 days or so, the site began included in the page





at this site is K, but fortunately, there is a home page. I according to the previous method, every day the hair everywhere outside the chain (about 30-40), then every day also makes up 4-5 article.

snow in June


hardRemember when


but did not enjoy 2 weight good times don’t last long, how long, and then down to 1. This is the first time I experience right down. If careful friends have noticed, the main reason is that the number of the chain dropped a lot.

I was

chaotic May


took over the site, very passionate! Although only a small webmaster, but feel as if you have one of their own kingdom on the internet.

introduction: I am February contact Shanghai dragon, then 3 months with a passion, took over the site now. Nonsense not say, I will tell you how I make this website a mess… Let us avoid detours.

so imperceptibly came to June, the website weight is 1, and some key keyword ranking began to decline. < >

even more unexpected is that the weight of the site actually rose to 2!!! Remember feel too Niubi, can contact the Shanghai dragon for about two months, not only to a K station of life, but also an increase of weight. At that time, I thought I was born to do the Shanghai dragon..

first account of some necessary background: when do the work of the Shanghai Longfeng the beginning of February, I was in Shanghai dragon in a large network company, the daily work is to send 80 included the chain, or write 8 original. Anyway, no matter so much, as long as the number is! So it would give me this rookie caused misunderstanding in thought, thought the Shanghai dragon is crazy hair the chain, then making a mess of some original..

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