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can look at the inside of the Google keyword data statistics, to see if there is any omission. Basically speaking, visitors tend to search brand word + product series combinations and changes, then structured ALT tag out, can be written as: alt= "brand series of products}-{word {w} is the product model", "the Audemars Pigeut AP- series -26378IO.OO, Royal Oak Offshore" for product images it is not recommended to describe, write too much redundant content, keep the data structured, do keyword recognition is high, keyword rich information can be, do not do keyword accumulation.

we can easily use the default camera picture number as the picture, then to search engine, there is no way to identify the content of the picture, so we lose the search that piece to bring traffic from the picture, this is a great pity, especially when you are tens of thousands of words. The ALT property usually we can formulate the structured data rules allow technicians to design program batch replace the picture, without our manual operation.

or online mall is a large electricity supplier website, optimize the picture you must master. Not only from attract potential consumers, or increase the picture search traffic, or improve website loading speed, image optimization plays a very key role. But when it comes to image optimization, many of the traditional sense of the Shanghai dragon people will say, picture to add ALT tags, picture compression… The thick line that is clearly not enough. Today I will talk further share image optimization must understand the 8 knowledge points.

let us take a picture of that thing, I personally love watch brands — AP,

Audemars Pigeut Audemars Pigeut


1. with structured data write product picture ALT

basically will not only take a photo shoot product perspective, we go back to the previous AP visitors watch, certainly not satisfied with only a frontal, attract more time visitors to stay on your site on the multi angle to show the beauty of the watch can be better, can stimulate their desire to buy. So the need for positive shooting watch, watch cover, watch the side of the watch dial details and so on, this.

AP Royal Oak

2. photo shooting angle problem

click on the picture above you can see the source of a specific type of table, "Audemars Pigeut – Royal Oak Offshore 26378IO.OO men’s series of mechanical watches, this time we can think, what is the visitor’s search habits? What will search keywords? In this case, the AP watch lovers will search the following phrases:

Audemars Pigeut

Royal Oak

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