mprove the user continued return rate of the user experience is a magic weapon

is sometimes a lot of misunderstanding between people because of the lack of communication, to establish an effective communication platform for users and website. Allows users to put their own needs and opinions of the website and service told us, let them participate in this web site, Adsense encyclopedia wiki has done very well, add a user to edit entries, you can edit and what problems can also direct feedback. Our customers through the communication and exchange, can be done more in the user experience on.

no matter enterprise website or large-scale e-commerce platform, monotonous and immutable and frozen content, I believe no one love. First is the original content correlation is the first step to retain users, relevant content here is of course that relevant information through search engines or click ads or links with the user. In addition to the establishment of an effective website content update strategy, rich and colorful and useful information for the user will be unable to part of the.

convenient site navigation

we need to provide true information website allows users to trust your site, if the user because of false information in your website, as the "once bitten twice shy of ten years will once again be silly very naive? Although the network is illusory, but we are living in the reality of the people, provide information or service real and practical, not only to help others is your website will also have large.

rich content and update

and user communication platform

step by stepThe

website to

website is like you often go to a store, accustomed to the inside of the product location, cashier position, know where you want to get something, but one day you suddenly found inside quite a metamorphosis, who was also a meeting stand. But sometimes we have to change the site conditions, step by step, let the user know in advance, make the transition work.

The establishment of

many webmaster in website operation process, may encounter such a problem: Although through a variety of ways to promote our website, get more and more users visit our website, but many users were visited after the first two will no longer have to. How do we keep these potential customers, so as to enhance the user’s sustained return rate, here to share with you a few points.


provides a convenient page navigation, allowing users to enter the site can use a button and link, can quickly find the information they need. Check your site map or navigation bar, and then adjust accordingly, try to make the most of the users within three clicks can find the required content. Here also need to pay attention to a certain site navigation accuracy, don’t want to search a database marketing, the results of a viral marketing information.

The authenticity of the

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