The new clever layout of seven strokes quickly improve your weight

3. new sites to enrich the content, the best is original content. If the news, they need to focus on a time, now in 2011, you are in a 09 year news, users will love the content of your website? The user Pro Lai your website, it means that the search engine will not Chikayori your website, after all, do stand do not give the search engine, but to the user.

railway station, on the Internet is not the site of the external links, like you live in the land of idyllic beauty wine, even if the wine is more fragrant, no way, the spider did not come into it. The chain is equivalent to the site of the road, while the construction of the chain to hold a degree, new chain growth is not excessive, but also need to diversify, not just the same kind of site or with a user posted a link. Or you and SP>


two, choose a stable web space

, in addition to enable the old domain of the railway station, railway station in Shanghai and other noble baby without any weight. How to improve the railway station in Shanghai and the noble love weight baby is fast, you want to share with you today.

, a website before the need for improvement of

loves Shanghai and noble baby and other search engines will have an assessment of the time for new sites, love Shanghai and noble baby will be the new station into a period of performance evaluation is not the same.

love Shanghai for the new online, and included after the release, will be better for each keyword ranking (except very popular), after a week or so, it will fall, is generally 200, this is the beginning of the performance assessment period. The performance of Google is the new line will not give any keyword ranking, directly into the sandbox.

2. for some stations, spider trap chain need to avoid and eliminate, so that damage to the efficiency of spiders to crawl the page, the search engine for the mapping of the station points lower.

1. site after completion of the program, to carefully examine the several sides, there is no reasonable directory structure, make some adjustments and optimization, some there is no value for the user directory with robots.txt ban on search engines, in order to improve the efficiency of the spider (ZAC Theory: said the search engine will be based on each different power station again the distribution spider staying in the station at the time). The new station, of course not what weight at all, so the spider must guide the direction of grasping.

The establishment of the early new

three, moderate chain guide

space is the site of the home, your home if motionless motionless on the move, no one opened the door, how can give people a sense of trust. Similarly, to search engine is also so, you have to let the search engine on your site trust, you must have a stable space, not every two or three days open, or can not access the phenomenon.

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