The internal layout of the site to improve ranking benefit

site element marks in the description, about setting 140-220 characters, actually on the set of keywords and description in terms of a search engine, is basically not see! Keywords set does not appear in the sorted list, so it is not necessary to set the key words. It is depicted, notify the user, the website can provide the service or product is what? But the stop keyword planning, is conducive to enhancing the frequency of keywords, but too much work would be counterproductive!

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site element marks in the title, to contain the keywords, the title should be in the length of 22 characters, when ordinary website beginning, definition of keywords 3 to 4 or so can, and will use the site name + site title, keyword, or company name + keywords, keywords ranking is about optimization have a certain role

site on the left corner, stop the main keywords and links layout, is conducive to the keyword ranking and click, this is due to get through the analysis of the common thermodynamic diagram reading user, whether it is "F" type of thermal analysis, or "inverted triangle", it still belongs to chaos without rules. The general thermodynamic diagram, there is a point in the user’s attention

present site navigation column, under normal circumstances are some definitions of long tail planning here, there is some long tail keywords related extended get more, there are many websites, usually defined geographic area or defined categories, long tail keywords category

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crumbs approach, here is the user search and search engine is a way to get up the site, can obtain the double attention, users and crawlers of the central planning, can not only is some class definition of the long tail, can also be a lot of long tail keywords planning modification. The original starting A5, ask if reproduced with my 贵族宝贝taofuqi贵族宝贝 link, as a webmaster, thank you

to write a qualified website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization plan, not just rely on the discovery and analysis of key words can do, even get keywords, generally all the important parts of demand planning in the web site, and demand reasonable distribution arrangement! Detailed plan, can have a variety of operation to complete the

the domain name of the website, can use keyword spelling or English title, detailed to see you do Google Shanghai dragon or do about love Shanghai Shanghai dragon in difference analysis, many websites are using the company name or site name to stop website domain name registration, the real website domain name, stop keyword set, on the optimization of scheduling is to a certain extent the keywords



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