The Shanghai dragon as an art of several methods

in my website is belongs to the software download sites, with the sky and the green soft, Doctor, download it and other software to download station is beyond, so I choose on the website article pages optimized for keywords, long tail.

a good user experience is essential to allow users to set foot on the meadow. My website is based on WordPress platform to set up a blog, share their original software or other software to green. Blog using a simple imitation of Apple theme, the starting point is the analysis of users, users are mostly men, therefore did not use bright color theme. If the female users as the starting point, may choose a theme more lively and active.

tag keyword

Shanghai dragon seems simple, but contains the deep mystery is not easy to be mine. With more and more grassroots webmaster, site shows more competition to become the standing of the grassroots, is bound to pay efforts. Shanghai Longfeng is not only a technology, but also an art, let my roots to share with you a few points on the effective implementation of the website optimization:

Shanghai dragon is the original content, not a gift freely flowing style of writing does not matter, for a new grassroots is enough. "Not in literarily, is out of the ordinary." This is my original power steering has been executed. My work has not been good, let me write the code line, a written Chinese, but I know that insist on is victory. Early station to write the software, from a word to write, can now out of text, is already progress.

in addition, the speed of the site, both for the user experience, or for the search engine, it is a very important problem. Not every user have the patience to open a long time did not react to the website, but love is not love Shanghai spiders slow internet speed, slow speed will make the spider on your site reservations. Therefore, it is necessary to select a good server is a must.

two, Shanghai Dragon Art — art original content is the core of

The most important

three, Shanghai dragon art is art inspiration

, a Shanghai Dragon Art – the user experience is the focus of art

inspiration is omnipresent, how to establish a web site keywords, is essential to a lot of Shanghai need to play the dragon. The main keywords in the Title, with about 3 for suitable, preferably less than 30 characters, concise; other popular keywords in Description, character in less than 60, more than the best but not more than 80; and the keywords is now on the search engine to be ignored. The key is: not stack keywords. Early to check the key in the love Shanghai heat index, AdWords is also a good or noble baby. The later can be through the web site statistics to analyze.

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