Website optimization the win win is a prerequisite for search engine optimization


search engine to access the site first point of access is the robots.txt file, so rbotots.txt design must be reasonable when, while increasing the map file for search engine not visit other pages before the fast index. To the search engine a convenient door, he will give you efficient collection of privileges, although not very absolute, but at least it is a shortcut to enhance the speed of page contains. The navigation arrangement reasonable and appropriate.

search engines love the original reason is very simple, the acquisition to acquisition to content will only increase the burden on the server, so fight pseudo original, collecting also is the reason. While the station does not go to consider, in pursuit of their own interests, and finally lead to site is down right, K station, is there any word? Said the content included slow, said the content was repeatedly two audit, let search engine to trust you is very simple in fact. Don’t try to do cheat it, discard the acquisition, undivided attention to the content of the construction, to reach the "win-win" with the search engine, so that a search engine will also give you the weight returns, although may not guarantee how high ranking website, then at least will not make the existence of what causes the reduction of resentment the right to the phenomenon of many because of the content the. Besides an original high website, if persistent original, its weight and ranking in search engines must be bad. The station without a good Shanghai Dragon technology, engage in content creation is not a high ranking for a shortcut.

small and medium-sized construction sites is cannot do without the search engine support, so the website optimization has become an indispensable means of website construction. Get high ranking in the search engine, can the Internet will be based enterprises, is the industry consensus. So do the search engine marketing, also rely on the technology optimization of Shanghai dragon. But no matter which point, are associated with the search engine "win-win" can achieve long-term development. However, in practical optimization, and the number of sites can do this? The number of each day is right down the website can peep one spot.

chain is a necessary channel for website promotion to the Internet, on the one hand can make users convenient access to web resources, on the other hand, the number of the chain also determines the site in the search engine’s voice. In general, the higher the weight of the site, its quantity is more and more large chain. Get outside of the chain are varied, but some webmaster always holding the psychological luck, Zoupian Jian Feng, take "lazy" type promotion chain, destroyed the normal order of the internet. Others worked hard to spread outside the chain, the chain extension and not on you for a few seconds? Destroy the normal order of Internet behavior must be search engine known blow. Outside the chain to ensure the quantity of quality assurance, given the search engine a work in just ways of linking portal, then he will give you the sun.

: a win-win cooperation content

chain of mutual benefit and win-win cooperationThe page structure of mutual benefit and win-winThe


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