Another is to catch out of the capital founder Yang Haoyong retired 58 fair CEO

Abstract: Yang Haoyong stepped down 58 fair CEO; seeds of second-hand car from 58 market split, became an independent company, Yang Haoyong, CEO.

[Jiayin Cai di / titanium Media Editor] the afternoon of November 25th, the 58 market group held a press conference before the contents of the media confidential, only said "more important". Now, titanium media editors on the release of the conference announced two important news:

1, Yang Haoyong stepped down 58 market group CEO

Yang Haoyong will be retiring in 58 market group CEO post, but keep the Group Co chairman, his constant vote in the 58 fair on the board and in the 58 market share.

it is tempting to think will happen in the near future, the mission of public comments and public comment after the merger, the original CEO Zhang Tao tearful leave. As of July this year, WAL-MART acquired 100% stake in shop No. 1, shop No. 1, CEO chairman Yu Gang Liu Junling is sorry to leave. Really "a mountain"


2, second-hand car market from 58 seeds split, became an independent company

Yang Haoyong melon seeds used car CEO, and the identity of individual investors to invest $60 million to the company. With the other two meters up the project bucket part-time, good rent, 58 market identity is a financial investor, to the flow of funds and other resources shares. But Yang Haoyong as the core of the management team holding more than half, with autonomy. Yang Haoyong through the 58 market of second-hand car shares indirectly held melon seeds.

melon second-hand car in November last year on the line. According to Yang Haoyong, the seeds of the second-hand car business has covered the national 50 major city in September this year, the turnover of more than 400 million, as of the 10 month live more than 40 million users.

Yang Haoyong is very optimistic about the used car market, he expects the second-hand car market volume is expected to exceed 10 million by the end of this year, will double in 2020, trading volume of more than $1 trillion. At the same time, Yang Haoyong said, is very optimistic about the second-hand car electricity supplier entrance function, hoping to cut into the car after the market.

to go to the market to pay out, certainly regret for ten years to Yang Haoyong. But there are also commented that this is the 58 market the best meat sent out, for Yang Haoyong, left is better in the end. Used car electricity supplier is his new battlefield.

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