Tutorial three major problems and solutions of Shanghai Dragon

, a web site is down right

2, modify the site code, removing some of the search engine such as bad, deliberately increase H1 tag, keyword stuffing, home page, jump bridge.

3, check the stability of

Shanghai dragon to accumulate experience and learning. We often encounter the situation is various, but this time do not panic, combined with our knowledge of calm analysis. Today, we see a common Shanghai dragon four big problems, and we have this problem how to solve.

5, remove bad Links, if the site is rubbish station or by right down, should avoid with the relationship.

1, guarantee the stability of the space, are part of the internal optimization. The stability of the host space is very important for the Shanghai dragon role. The host space is not stable is very likely caused by poor access, resulting in search engine and user access was not good, right down.


4, Links check, found immediately delete bad links.

3, optimize the site within the chain, as far as possible in the chain anchor text keywords, pointing to the page, in the chain link diversification. And in the content of the article.

snapshot not updateUpdate

6, love Shanghai.

1, a check web page code, remove the spider crawling against the code, such as spaces, line breaks, overflow JS code.

most of the sites had a right down, and this fall right may not be controlled drop right or human right down, the site is down right can be said to be one of the most important site optimization problem, because once the website is down right, all the keywords ranking, website traffic, collection, snapshots will affected. The site is down right, it is difficult to recover it at the same time, the site was down the right search engine that will no longer be friendly to you. So for this problem how to solve them? Some suggestions are given:

4, do 301 redirection and 404 page guide, reduce the dispersion and reduce the weights of the website user jump out rate. A high bounce rate is often a factor causing the site to drop right.

2 page, make the appropriate adjustments, does not change the whole, does not change the URL, part of the adjustment. Whether the keyword and description check.

5, soft paper submission, forum posting.


site snapshot is always one thing, let the webmaster particularly troublesome for a large number of monitoring data we visit, determine the snapshot update rules and time. We know that in the process of the optimization of the keyword, a lot of priority update snapshot page update snapshot pages more slowly than the advantage. In the face of a snapshot update slowly or not update, the host comment gives the following suggestions:

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