Shanghai dragon link War you ignore what part

part four, keywords positioning.

links, site location.

as everyone knows the website homepage, but with the search engine rules change, we must have clear and home page included in the one-sided alike. This is a good news for us, do not have to worry about home for keywords arising from excessive optimization excessive punishment. So now the flow of the page can be in the home. While the content keywords do long term drive effect.

we value in the optimization of the website is what??? Or UEO? Which is only a part of the Shanghai dragon website ranking optimization. Do a perfect website optimization scheme, good location to the site from the beginning of the site.

site is mainly to understand the industry website user needs of the population, and then to the location of the site itself user groups. This is not to look at all the whole, but to a more thorough analysis of this website accurate customer groups.


is the network change rapidly, be able to retain users become the audience, the site itself will have distinctive fragrance. The first part is the design of the page, allowing users to brighten, page design mode and can not break the shackles of the industry from the industry theme is user favorite.

part two, web design.

Multi page flow positioning website

positioning is the key site optimization, because it will be directly related to the later website ranking and website traffic, select the appropriate keywords to ensure the normal operation of the late. Usually we will through analysis of keywords and keyword demand index for competitors and the current user needs analysis to determine the site keywords and long tail word.

website architecture is not only related to the user browsing easy degree with spider at the same time crawling included are closely related. In most cases, we will choose the flat + tree structure, at the same time using the breadcrumb navigation make the entire website logical, easy to browse.

part three, determine the website structure.

we turn around and look at the website optimization at present, in the emphasis on user experience. But the real user experience come from? Is a few articles alone can do? It is impossible! So today and the author Dennis together to do a physical examination of the site, see the website operation optimization we ignore what links.

The Keywords

said Shanghai dragon probably more people think is the website ranking and site traffic, although these are what we want results but whether thought about what is to achieve this goal we have to do? A lot of people are simply ranking and flow, and forget the Shanghai dragon is a protracted war, it is forget is critical to all aspects of the campaign reached.

part five, the flow of page layout.

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