Some optimization strategies of enterprise website

1, the station optimization

4, link anchor text

tags, URL standardization, keywords layout and so on line on the site before it is necessary to determine the good, after a day of special circumstances, do not easily modify the page.

5 domain name, link

The diversity of The 3, the construction of the chain The stability of Semantic

is not recommended for all target keywords, is not recommended to use all 3-5 target words as anchor text, various suggestions, you can use the name of the company, you can use the keyword, you can use the name of the product, you can use the domain name address and so on, this is a detail problem, especially when Links exchange mostly used directly target key words, this is not desirable, too many links to the same anchor text, everyone knows that this is not natural.

enterprise station outside the chain is not recommended to blog, forum, and recommended extension + optimization strategy, to release products, promote the company’s products, and increase the external links way. For example, Alibaba, HC and so on, can set up free shops, publish their own news and products, and with the company’s website.

has a lot of friends will ignore this point, in fact, this effect is very large, the new station is not easily to imagine, spiders, and spiders just leisurely eating Hot pot, singing a song to come up, suddenly the door closed, can not angry? This is I had a deficit. Just to catch up with the update of the virtual machine when open, resulting in direct descent more than 20 page ranking.

The diversity of

can only continue to update the news is nothing more than the dynamic enterprise and industry, but the industry dynamics in the industry is not the same, it is hard to write professional original articles, so the enterprise must make use of good news: you can add dynamic every day, such as the recruitment information release of new products, the company of foreign business negotiations, the company’s daily decision such as holiday notice and so on, can make the content of the one and only.

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6, virtual host

love Shanghai domain is an important parameter for ranking, Yahoo chain does not directly reflect the chain of love in Shanghai, there are a lot of links are included in Yahoo, Shanghai is not to love, also have a lot of love domain to Shanghai, but not included in Yahoo, so this is also a lot of cases query the competitor’s website, the Yahoo chain is not much, an important reason for ranking is very good.

note that this persistence is not a day, two days can be updated, or three days has been updated, the enterprise station is different from other enterprise information station, station itself less information products, often in the first few days to update the basic completion, introduction, other companies to contact us, recruitment, business and so on to do the single page, there are few new things.

2, the original update and operation

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