The example analysis accuracy of Google management tools to capture

from the figure we can see here is not Google index to a 404 error, this will mean, not crawling robot. So whether these indexes can represent a dead link? From


many webmaster is particularly love using Google webmaster tools to know your own website is healthy, for this, the author is not to say no, but this kind of tool is just as good reference. Too obsessed with tools can make your eyes are deceived, after all, is only a tool program cannot achieve high intelligence. So, when using the webmaster tools, must go to the analysis from the point of view, so as to make yourself stand in the rational perspective to analyze the website.

for Google webmaster tools, I think his accuracy is not so high, relative to some low-level mistakes will appear, because it is always wrong code. Over reliance will only make their own analysis of the ability to drop, is not conducive to the rational perspective view of the problem, so you can not find the solution to many problems. This paper is composed of 贵族宝贝 dog cinema alone >

we all know, most of the webmaster webmaster have preferred the Google webmaster tools, this tool for Google, joy and sorrow, and the relevant information of the author is often use this tool to check their site. So for this tool, query whether roughly correct? Will still be a lot of deviation, as the saying goes, too bad is correct. So today I in the form of case analysis, Google Webmaster Tools really accurate. First we have to manage the account and the like, this step is skipped. Google tools provided in the fault diagnosis are meaningful to the webmaster, it can query their own websites generally use this tool. Then according to their own a small station for example, see if it is accurate. Figure

this would make the website on Google gradually decrease, and even frequent not included. In fact, for this problem, owners can use the site map form to be guided through the site map can be very good to the Google can not be indexed content all in one place, using the form of text, so that the robot crawling easier. If the web site map, it is best to use absolute address, so it will not cause to grab, and return to the 404 error.

can be seen from the chart that is not dead, but the robot cannot identify this path or robots will be able to index this content, thus causing the return error 404. For this reason. In fact, a large part is caused by the web site. We all know that the search engine can not identify JS, then use a large number of JS code on the website cannot be collected by nature.

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