Shanghai dragon shall be an antidote against the disease causes and Countermeasures on several ranki

1, a temporary change, after a period of normal: temporary changes we have encountered, the search engine itself is a huge system, so many places are gradually increased, so by the possibility of error. Sometimes the snapshot, ranking drop, wide fluctuations, we only need to look at the many websites can understand one or two, do not need to worry too much. Then wait, wait for the strategy is the best.

fluctuations caused by changes in the ranking is often a chain type, such as keyword ranking disappear at the same time, included in the site also showed a downward trend, the website traffic and income are followed to change. Often the reason is in many aspects, such as general chain manipulation, revision (URL changes), the label changes, the space is not stable, the domain name DNS is not stable, excessive acquisition (update change radically, acquisition and reproduced different) caused by several main factors, this time our own most clear exactly what causes. General problems, need to pursue more than two weeks or longer, when we see which sites are on what to do, so as to grasp the more accurate grasp, it is also more powerful.


SE change

The changes caused by

2, the cumulative adjustment method: to cheat, and sometimes is not caused by the above reasons, but also some of the factors, these factors we may not notice, but think carefully, you can know the one or two, such as the same place we fixed the hair of the chain, such as always accumulation keywords, such as stations, may have no problem, but the SE is not good practices accumulated to a certain extent, will be punished. Rome is not built in a day, in the Shanghai dragon is the truth.

SE itself will also have certain fluctuations, with the adjustment of the algorithm, but also has a small right down to the cumulative cheating opponents, more beyond, causing the decline of the possibility of. These factors can be attributed to the SE body, now for everyone to summarize.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization is always in the process of ups and downs, not included and ranking the ups and downs of unrest. In general, sometimes is our own factors, sometimes is the search engine itself, no matter what, we should be confident and basic solution. Some of my views today to talk about, that is to find an antidote against the disease in Shanghai Longfeng, ranking disappearance and fundamental countermeasures.

3, beyond the opponent, like riding a boat: the last factor is reasonable, it was beyond the opponent. The keyword is many webmaster in doing so, we are also very hard to optimize, if our website optimization of resources and technology has no competitors, it is likely that latecomers become the first, is beyond the opponent. But it is generally beyond the small range, such as decreased 1-2, countermeasures this time your own refueling, for your site

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