The experience will be Bing Webmaster Tools Shanghai Dragon

The second step: ;

page source display problems page source code is

but above, after we experience the Microsoft Bing Bing Webmaster Tools ", that would change, let you know what is professional.

: Here you can click directly under the digital error numbers on the right side will appear in their web pages, as shown below.



(02zu贵族宝贝) produced original reprinted annotated

view the search to the website of Shanghai dragon, the left is a mistake on the right is digital, specific error description, as shown below.

will be the first step: the first landing, verify the site after the success in the function list, click the left Shanghai Longfeng analysis program, as shown below.

"original" normal display on your own website.

management tools many webmaster webmaster tools, from the noble baby, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform, 360 Webmaster Tools plug-ins, the owners of the home, love station network three party tools platform, the function of everything.


Second groups of

had said that the Shanghai dragon will be the equivalent of the analysis program is shocking, it is too strong, it is Microsoft, not only can directly give the website of Shanghai Longfeng proposal, also can directly display the site, the page in question and the original code ", quickly for the site administrator reference repair. (here only discuss the function of the tool is powerful, does not represent the actual role in the Shanghai dragon).

by viewing the page positioning error sources, own error code, then you can easily complete the repair and renew the web site of the Shanghai dragon internal maintenance.

The fifth step:

analysis program to open Shanghai Dragon (trial version), enter your domain name, and then click "analysis" button, as shown below.

Let’s take a look at the Fourth step At present all kinds of

"to analyze the" display web page, and the page marked problem;

The third step:


, the Bing will be the Shanghai dragon powerful analytics program, to help you easily make internal site optimization of Shanghai dragon.


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