Let us re understand the chain

Hello, I am Wei Dongdong. At present, as the Hefei Shanghai dragon trainer. Before I write this article has been considering whether it is necessary to write this article. I am a HID secret, the secret will be found in the future to be announced. Early say can let more people benefit, owners are a group of relatively hard, I hope this argument today I will let China Internet webmaster can help to benefit more people.


in the first half of 2012 I consulted a leading expert of Shanghai Longfeng session to discuss a topic, the text chain in the end there is no problem with. Remember this argument he told me directly denied, said that no official US directly. When love is not respected in Shanghai outside the chain of tools, perhaps in Chinese has more than ninety percent of the owners will think that the anchor text is the decision of priority among priorities of the website ranking.




a lot of people will feel some website columnist in writing is to own a marketing campaign. The text chain keep everyone’s role is to replicate their links, plays a promotional role.

you can see from the above point of view, text links and anchor text links are in the same level as the sea.

link 2 appears in the A5 station network in


Let us look at the scarlet letter in the name of the

do not know if you have love in Shanghai station chain query tools found in what. Love Shanghai seems to have the text of the chain to a ranking algorithm based on. Here in one of my sites in Shanghai love chain query display inside



in the link over the link name, do not know if you have not found the links from nouns are scattered, some original please indicate the source, there is Hefei Shanghai dragon, some is the earliest original by Wei Dongdong. Why is there such a problem? When I click on these links in URL, I found amazing secret. The following screenshots for everyone to see the scarlet letter 1 name in the A5 Forum:


When the

chain showed a linear upward trend in December 07, December 07, I had not been in love with the sea as the chain structure of the link in the back in a query about the link name, for everyone to see the screenshot below

In December 2012 07,

look at the scarlet letter name 3 appears in the A5 Forum:

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