nvestors reflect Papi sauce was abandoned Amy who can go far

after the microphone Mongolia by the Internet to denounce, almost at the same time to fire up Papi sauce also got into trouble.

November 23rd, Papi sauce broker and legal representative of the company Yang Ming said in the circle of friends of WeChat, thinking has the original price out of all investment projects, including the. The so-called "original", said the logic of thinking in Papi sauce advertising auction after the event, did not have the fact of money, but in the original divestment.

from the national enterprise credit information system to be able to see, in August 29th, the company Papi sauce Xuzhou rain listen to thunder Network Technology Co., Ltd., has completed the change of split equity, logical thinking operators Beijing thinking creation has disappeared from the list of shareholders of Cci Capital Ltd.

at present, Papi sauce where the shareholders only Yang Ming, Jiang Yilei (real name Papi sauce), it real fund, capital source, star capital. In other words, after obtaining financing for a few months, Papi sauce on the investment side of the logical thinking quietly abandoned.

a controversial investment

March 2016, Papi sauce to obtain 12 million yuan of financing, valuation of 300 million yuan, known as the first red in 2016, has become a model for the content of entrepreneurship. In the 12 million yuan investment, it real fund, the logic of thinking were invested 5 million, the source of capital and capital were invested 1 million star.

and after the investment, many investors expressed a different opinion, some investment bank representatives also feel 3 hundred million valuation is too high. At that time there are investors pointed out that, from the point of view of the value of the investment, has not yet verified whether the content of the Papi sauce R & D model and capacity, she can also make this kind of content is still waiting to see.

Zhang capital founder Fan Weifeng said, Papi sauce in meet the user’s emotional needs are Tucao, concentrate, video, higher efficiency, and higher degree than many similar text media more valuable. She’s core competitiveness lies in the higher production threshold, strong content production capacity, high recognition, low consumption threshold, a wide range of target user groups."

but also Xiao He, Xiao He also lost. Production threshold is higher, it means that the content of the production of sustainability is difficult. Chen Yuetian, director of investment in Innovation workshop, said Papi sauce is not worth investing. In his view, Papi sauce after the former screenwriter, shooting, performance, editing are a person to play, and not enough market, so it is difficult to grow in size, in general, can not form a reproducible production mechanism.

summary, some investors think Papi sauce project has several natural flawed, such as content creation can not be standardized, often fall into the creation of products to ridicule for exhaustion; essential characteristics, but SARFT restrictions make it not swearing at once.

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