Chinese PE grew up Holding 4 trillion capital the next step how to go

Abstract: turning now the most popular culture and consumer consumption, spirit level since 2015, such as a significant cultural, educational and tourism consumption in the overall proportion of increase, Chinese entertainment industry still in the next five years to maintain high growth. In this regard, the industry heavyweights on this year’s cultural media industry changes and investment opportunities for in-depth discussion.


is currently active in China market, private equity institutions have been nearly ten thousand, the amount of capital management is also more than 4 trillion, the equity market size to achieve a qualitative leap, China PE grow up". In the current economic situation, the future of the PE industry how to go more healthy?

recently held in Beijing equity investment forum and the seventh session of the forum of the global PE almost all the well-known domestic PE/VC institutions. At the turn of the year, Zhengbao reporter took the opportunity to interview these investment Master diagnosis on 2016 "".

stares at biomedical and genetic diagnostics

in the "health Chinese national strategy before, PE/VC has roots in the industry chain. The investment institutions focus on the field of Chinese people generally believe that the increase in income, the deterioration of the environment, the aging trend is an important factor supporting the large health industry entered a golden period of investment, but the long industrial chain, various industry segments, ranging from diagnosis and treatment to the service, which is currently in the end segments of investment institutions focus on


Lenovo star Lu Gang said, about three subdivision in the direction of key medical and health fields: one is the biotechnology, including drug and gene technology; two is the field of medical devices and POCT products; three is the mobile medical and service orientation.

silver capital bear just told reporters that the company focused on the field of diagnosis, the traditional diagnosis of the field of medical devices, the diagnosis of high-tech diagnostic techniques, such as gene diagnosis and treatment.

Capital Partners Zhao Jin capital peak, said the capital of 80-85% is to invest in financial instruments, biological vaccines, and 15-20% is medical services and digital services.

amphora capital Zhou Weili told reporters, in the field of health capital amphora is mainly optimistic about the mobile medical and pharmaceutical field. In the biomedical field, especially in the forefront of the immune and protein engineering research institutions.

as the first batch of domestic investment institutions to establish specialized medical industry fund, one investment group Shenzhen now cast nearly 40 of the health care industry project, its managing partner Hu Xuefeng told reporters that at present in the industry is still one plough, but the industry specialization and focus on investment, professional investment is committed to holding resources integrated.

optimistic about the transformation of traditional industries 4

in 2015 will soon be over, "Internet plus" is undoubtedly the most popular the most popular vocabulary >

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