Entrepreneurial boom flames what posture can hit the user really hurt

recent years of entrepreneurial innovation, the "wave in China earth from North first-tier cities raging like a storm, the Guangzhou Shenzhen to the provinces of the capital city and the three or four line of the city, are carrying out entrepreneurship competition, entrepreneurship competitions of various business projects also emerge in an endless stream, all is everything.



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June 7th, rising Chinese Western venture capital — Chengdu ushered in the "fire · 2016 nine rich American financial technology entrepreneurship competition, including intelligent finance, P2P foundation, intelligent queuing system and many other outstanding entrepreneurial projects launched PK roadshow, the final rural asset investment trading platform" to buy "won the championship. The entrepreneurial contest and the novelty of the project that the national entrepreneurship competition flame soaring, the project in order to hit the user’s real pain point?

technology to enhance product services: shaping a new product experience

It is reported that

large data risk control, finance, financial and other intelligent scene is the competition focus on the recruitment field, especially smart financial management, as one of the financial technology industry generally optimistic at present, is also of concern in the Chengdu Railway Station game. Technology is like a magician, on the development of the industry is undoubtedly turn bad into good magic, Internet banking as a new force of a full of vigour, plug in the new technology is undoubtedly a tiger with wings added.

in the game for a special 80, 90 young people to create an investment and financial advisers, a lot of financial robots aroused the interest of the judges. According to the development team, they are based on the analysis of the 80, 90 groups financial outlook survey China, is committed to creating a smart financial products can really meet financial needs of young people, and it has given financial records, planning scheme, the basic functions of the framework of product supermarket.

is not just a smart financial event involving the robot, let us see the technology to enhance the user experience, in fact, some potential to improve the user experience, both in science and technology play an important role. First of all, science and technology can reduce the cost for the customer, through big data technology, improve the user portrait, out of a large number of non target customers to a certain extent, the precise positioning of the user, through the audience and their products with precise positioning and effective channels, in addition to traffic conversion ratio is too low may mean that the product is not perfect in some ways certainly, can enhance the user experience by means of science and technology, increase user stickiness, big data precision marketing to users is a good thing, can avoid invalid information interference, focusing on their own areas of concern, thus greatly enhance the user experience.

secondly, help to improve the risk control ability. Can be at a reasonable cost to identify traditional financial unrecognized low risk assets; and then through the data integration technology, Internet products and financial services, through the realization of online business platform to borrow funds (the needs of the borrower), "

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