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to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in the horn is still in the ring, the mobile Internet business is still hot, 2016 for entrepreneurs, determine the status and trends of the industry’s most important. The day before, Android mobile phone application of China’s largest distribution platform 360 mobile phone assistant officially released the "2016 Chinese APP mobile phone industry in the first half of the green book trend" (hereinafter referred to as the "green book"), for entrepreneurs, is tantamount to a gospel.

The development trend of mobile Internet

green book as the stage summary, also released a large number of internal core data. It is worth noting that mobile Internet entrepreneurs, with the continuous upgrading of user needs, even if the capital did not stop the enthusiasm of the developers in winter, vertical fine classification APP has become the user and the capital’s favorite.



: mobile application market as a whole enthusiasm more vertical fine classification APP into the application market

According to the

360 mobile phone assistant data show that from October 2015 to June 2016, except in February due to the impact of the Spring Festival holiday of the new APP number fluctuations, to March new APP immediately climbed to the highest peak, while the other each month add APP number to maintain the upward trend. Mobile application market is still infinite, with the continuous upgrading of user demand, more vertical fine classification APP into the application market, increasing the number of applications in the APP market, while enriching the user’s choice.

capital to promote rational development of the winter market more focused

capital’s impact on some of the overheated category APP cool down, but also to make the market more focused. The APP class contains hot new areas and new project proportion rose significantly, convenient life kind of new APP ratio is high, but by the environmental impact of capital, since 16 years, tends to be "cool", the new proportion decreased. Contains personalized information news reading class & including live video audio and video classes and K12 education includes education classes, by the market blitz, the number of new APP accounted for, or the most obvious.


figure: capital winter mobile market focus on the return to rational development

audio-visual audio-visual class fully open entertainment

according to the green book, the first half of 2016 on the audio CD APP strong performance in the first half of downloads over social communication and won a live APP for the classification of software downloads add a fire, clearly illustrates the application of the market to the entertainment began to change. In addition, the audio visual APP beyond another communication social class APP is that the industry began to focus on film and television rights, each video APP has exclusive content attractive enough, to attract users to download a variety of audio visual APP, and then again push the type of application downloads.


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