Meitu Xiu Xiu company to be listed on the self timer can achieve a good story about capital

Mito to be listed is not a secret, by the end of 2014 when Cai Wensheng’s other game company listed on the relevant information has been out.

recently, the Wall Street Journal quoted sources as saying that on Friday, Mito company has formally submitted IPO application to the HKEx, intends to finance 500 million to 1 billion dollars, it is expected that the listing is the fourth quarter of this year.

2008, Cai Wensheng and Wu Xinhong co founded the company in Xiamen science and Technology Co. Ltd., which is the predecessor of the MiTo company. It’s currently has a series of pictures to beautify the software and video app, including Meitu Xiu Xiu, beauty camera, self timer, beauty shot, beauty camera and other App Store in China perennial occupy the top position of photography and video applications. According to data provided earlier by the United States, the number of mobile terminal products from the global coverage of more than 1 billion units.


Mito M6 phone

as early as April of this year, the United States will soon be listed on the news has been disclosed on the network. The map has completed a new round of financing, valuation of $3 billion 800 million after financing, tiger fund holdings of 11%, holding 9% IDG, Qiming venture capital holdings 7%, Huaxia Fund Holdings 7%, Innovation workshop held 3.8%, Foxconn holding 1.7% strategic investors. Cai Wensheng and Wu Xinhong were holding 38.6% and 15.6%, the core employees hold a stake of 3.2%.

if the listing is successful, the MiTo company will become Cai Wensheng’s first three companies listed in Hong Kong, the other two are wandering holdings and technology. But the two enterprise’s performance is not satisfactory.

which, by "defend Radish" technology in the famous Cai Wensheng trader, five months after the establishment of (from Xiamen and Mobile Games halo game developer kero world merger) in December 2014, landing in Hong Kong, the issue price of 2.2 Hong Kong dollars per share, the market value of about 3 billion 500 million Hong Kong dollars. As of Friday, the lack of follow-up work technology fell to HK $1.37, the market value of 2 billion 150 million Hong Kong dollars, the market value at the beginning of a listing of 1 billion 350 million Hong Kong dollars shrink.

listed earlier wandering holding renowned high priced games shares, priced at HK $51, the highest reached HK $73.95, market capitalization of more than $9 billion 300 million. But these have been wandering holding history. Page tour started its transition in the past two years lost, to enter the hand travel plan has little effect. The same as last Friday, wandering holdings share price has dropped to HK $9.89 per share, market capitalization has shrunk to 1 billion 360 million Hong Kong dollars.

limited by its own product cycle, the game company’s business model in the HKEx does not have much advantage. Wall Street journal analysis, the reason why the United States chose to list in Hongkong, >

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