Reporter Liu real entrepreneurs a month from 0 to 100 thousand is really not difficult

public entrepreneurship, innovation, the party’s call, a youngster how much heart.

you want to, I am the teenager in one, by virtue of their years of work experience, I think the time when the boss. Why not? Why, because I don’t want to give people a lifetime to work first, even if it is like that, I also want to do the actual stall, stall is also a business, you do not think that a stand to make money, lose some.

topic Cheyuan, we’ll pull back, then said Liu their own thing. In fact, talking about the venture, far from the imagination of the complex, of course, is not so simple, but a variety of more than expected. Liu from September 22nd officially entered the fresh industry, become Ji’nan’s first live seafood house delivery brand, to October 22nd, just a month’s time, to achieve my own business in the first 100 thousand yuan, I just don’t want to lose money, but give me a surprise.

to tell you the truth, from the beginning of this year, Liu wanted to get what kind of (academic called Entrepreneurship), because we have crossed the 30 threshold of the people, there are old, under a small, don’t toss it, really no chance.

so I decided to start a business. But the question is, what do business? Business must find their own familiar ah, especially for their industry, so we want to start from the Shumenshulu industry. The Liu think, really did not suit me. Why?

Liu did will sell health care products, is a kind of misunderstanding outsiders meeting that old fudge, now the industry reputation is so poor, and the investment is so big, plus Liu is not in your lap too many years, it is not suitable for.

will sell health care products from the left, Liu went to a science and technology of China Merchants join the company, is a developing technology, simple packaging items, and then go out looking for people to join the publicity, the company. Although this industry old Liu learned a lot of knowledge of Internet marketing, but I do not understand technology, two does not have strong capital, technology development, China Merchants join, not really, do not want to do, it is shy, not only in the brain.

recently, Liu hailun has two projects, an electricity supplier of health care products, a derivative of health products. Yes, you’re not wrong, although Liu left will sell health products for many years, the past two years has been brought back to health care products, but to change several marketing methods, with Liu’s experience in network marketing, although we can not say that these two projects made known to all, but the benefits of stable and steady rise or can the. But then again, Liu really do not accept the investor’s idea, this is in conflict with the principles of my life, some people say do not exaggerate the won’t sell anything, I think it can be realistic, appropriate propaganda. So, although do not make money, but the old day, not to mention my heart and not a dream. Therefore, after careful consideration, Liu decided.

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