Wei Kaiyuan entrepreneurs want to create explosive First get yourself

he is a school tyrants, through Beijing university. In the process of professional managers has been CEO, also took the annual figure, went to Harvard lecture. In the end there is a reflection of how entrepreneurship, let his insights with Buddhists speak of what he had to pay the tuition as like as two peas?, a valuable gem


Wei Kaiyuan is an outstanding musician, once the scenery infinite life worry free advertising company CEO new cross music (Beijing) Art Co., Ltd., chairman and CEO, Peking University, master of the Yangtze River Business School EMBA. Wei Kaiyuan said, the success rate of entrepreneurship because not everyone entrepreneurship, innovation is what change, it is very low! Therefore, he shared his experiences and lessons in the entrepreneurial road. Star Group (Startup-Partner.com) small finishing the two part of Wei Kaiyuan’s speech, for everyone to share. Wei Kaiyuan said the following readme, after editing the star school.

entrepreneurship is a long-distance running, if you have the wrong direction, such as the year Taobao and eBay competition, eBay with charging mode, Taobao free mode. In the Internet era, traffic is king, run two years out of the difference.

this example tells us that at the beginning can not make a fatal mistake, and all the entrepreneurial projects are from the beginning of the CEO, which requires the project sponsor (CEO) first qualified. In fact, entrepreneurship is the spell CEO, the first problem is very simple, you do not fit CEO? If you do not fit the probability of failure is high, the first part, I will share the "fix" behind the mirror: three qualified CEO.

also, how to ensure that start-ups do not make mistakes at the beginning, there is no basic method, so I will share today to get their own second parts: the founding of the three law.

a, qualified CEO three mirror

from the 2011-2014 4 years, I spent $about 10000000 tuition to understand one thing: the biggest advantage, the strongest ability, often become the biggest obstacle to your next thing.

I was a Curve Wrecker, is doing 2B business, advertising, marketing, 4A company, the enterprise service (customers) are very familiar, but to the end user is not very well, especially with their own is Curve Wrecker, especially the grass root users to users is a lack of understanding of temperature. The.

in this year, I visited a lot of successful entrepreneurs, but also visited a lot of failed entrepreneurs, but also to find a lot of friends to consult. In the end, I found a way of self recognition and found three key words: goal, cognition, fact. These three key words I have structured it, used in the CEO’s own cognitive.

1, first mirror: target

first is a person’s long-term goal. In 2014, when I reflect on myself, I asked myself a question in this way: do I want to know what my life’s contribution to society and value is?

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