Shanghai CCtalk cloud President Lu Jian next year broadcast platform will be half dead

recently, Shanghai CCtalk cloud President Lu Jian was invited to attend the 2016 Hangzhou Yunxi conference live concert. Lu Jian in the cloud habitat conference, said: the current broadcast industry trying to use advertising, reward, electricity providers and other ways to achieve commercial realization, but in some vertical areas such as education, direct sales of content can be realized. Lu Jian forecast in the next year, the existing live platform will die half, while the vertical class platform will be greater development. The forum, Lu Jian and general manager of micro-blog business operation Hong Lizhou, founder of & CEO, live; Chen Jianwen bus online CEO Wang Xian Shu, chairman of & to discuss how fun live Economic Industrial chain".


2016 Hangzhou cloud habitat conference live + special forum

wool do not live in pigs and reliable content to achieve

currently live in the industry to try to implement the model, including advertising, reward, electricity providers. Lu Jian believes that there is one, that is, through the realization of the direct sale of content, CCtalk is a vivid case. "At present, online education is the main content of courses, courses and courseware video taped live classes of several common forms. The past year live only in the course of Shanghai of the content on the platform will increase by 5 times, grew very quickly. From the education broadcast, it can be realized directly from the content."


Shanghai CCtalk cloud President Lu Jian to share

in Yunxi conference site

live and live entertainment education about the biggest difference as live streaming media industry predecessors, Apple products the first generation of the founding team members, Lu Jian said: education not only live audio and video broadcast, only heard and seen the audio and video is not enough to live on in education. In CCtalk, for example, in addition to the live function, because of the attributes of the study will also be added to the teaching materials such as handouts to the teaching process. Live entertainment on the platform with the beauty, headdress, filters and other tools, and education tools may need to test, whiteboard and dictionary. The teacher in the teaching process, can be plugged into the game link words, also from the question database, generate a set of classroom test papers, students see the courseware of new words, can also use the dictionary tool to learn new words is. The function of this interaction is very valuable for students to improve their learning efficiency. Lu Jian believes that the Shanghai CCtalk is not just live, it is a real-time interactive education platform.

next year will be half dead live broadcast platform


broadcast platform in the roundtable discussion about bubbles and the problem of survival, Lu Jian mentioned broadcast platform are faced with two difficulties, one is the bandwidth of the expense, the bandwidth of 1T a month can reach the cost of tens of millions, two net is red and V resources in the short term is not expensive, realized the next, small companies will feel competitive pressure. Land forecast

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