Feelings of public toilets O2O fruit takeaway APP entrepreneurs who is a good brain hole

at the beginning of 2015, a "drop in" brain hole wide open APP Huobian network, a burning heat drops fast taxi, Didi shit "to solve the people line up on the toilet, reservation shit problems……


After the

brain hole, to greet the user is O2O, public toilets, more feelings according to reports, the Beijing public toilets are ready to expand a series of mobile phone, electric vehicle charging function: setting, increasing coverage of Wireless ATM ATM, WiFi, after a urine test may be added what health project……

as one of the main living space, we will not only usher in a sanitary toilet, or a feeling, more able to solve the needs of the existence of a number of users.

we can follow this idea to open the brain hole, what do you do at home a pit of love? There are feelings of all the toilets must meet, magazines play a mobile phone to listen to music, with a variety of two-dimensional code advertising provided in each of the magazines, the best time squat a meal, eating out or done directly; the way to a new, new curriculum practice again, this time a way public toilets must be set a set of access to resources, what do not mean the two-dimensional code, to see the toilet door forward the mistress out show gloomy, now into the toilets are all to scan two-dimensional code to get a special song Moumou, Moumou classroom teacher; with the popularity of urine, heart rate and other health check, go to the toilet all the way to do a physical examination, diabetes and nephritis hospital advertising to go up, to solve the health problems, listen to Experts say there are a variety of vitamins in the fruit, you can improve our immunity, might as well take the first two days of fruit just to download the APP called a fruit, of course, recently called to the public toilet door, do not let people sent to the……


this is a kind of fruit takeaway APP? According to Enron knowledge, it has reached the Xuzhou three or four line city, dinner eat too much to go out and buy yo bend bag of fruit raising "immunity", the results showed that the traditional fruit shop next to more than a certain shops, so download fruit takeaway cooperation APP, the first single full 20 minus 10, single full 20 minus 5…… Prices with the market price, there are concessions, sub minute down, buy buy buy good.

previously called takeaway are KFC, McDonald’s, pizza not the Beagle, distant ocean stuff to the "civilians", but also is a tall, unusual move. Now takeout has become one of the main channels for dining the majority of white-collar and blue collar, entrepreneurs, students, unemployed people, in addition, the fruit takeaway APP, deeper grilled steak, what fresh delivery would occupy a space for one person in the business circle, eager for a fight.

however, in contrast to the fruit takeaway APP a feeling of public toilets O2O services, like total or less after fruit style, APP can open the brain hole, with a healthy body.

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