Yu Minhong talk about half life experience the brave first


Yu Minhong married a "knife mouth, tofu heart," the Tianjin woman, in his unsuccessful wife suspected he did not succeed, after his success, his wife that he should be more successful. Now, Alibaba listed, his wife told him, you have to be as successful as ma". Under the urging of his wife, he had to grow.


Second days

Alibaba listed on the New York stock exchange and the birth of the new world’s richest man, Yu Minhong half jokingly talked with people at home. Shrews".


8 years ago also sounded the opening bell at the New York New Oriental Education & Technology Group founder, with his usual tone of 2014 freshmen entering school of Nankai University said that he marry a knife mouth tofu heart, "Tianjin woman, when his wife suspected he was unsuccessful in his unsuccessful. When the wife thinks he should be more successful. Now, Alibaba listed, his wife told him, you have to be as successful as ma". Under the urging of his wife, he had to grow.


should be invited to the Nankai University Youth League and other new students start learning planning seminar, the 52 year old Yu Minhong sums up his life experience, including love, education, entrepreneurship, in this respect, it is difficult to find a person more inspiring than he was lecturer.

Yu Minhong admitted to the Peking University experience, many of China’s rural students are not strangers. His home in rural Jiangsu, two times before the entrance exam, ironically color, later became the most profitable China English teachers of English achievement he had just a drag. The third college entrance examination he had a good English test, into the North University English Department, but where they find themselves in which aspects are not".

he can’t speak mandarin. So that the first class to do self introduction, after his speech, most students did not understand. At that time the monitor, and later with Yu Minhong, Xu Xiaoping and said, "New Oriental three carriages," one of the standing up, said: the students, can you not speak Japanese?


good face after Yu Minhong could not easily raise their hands to speak. Because every time a statement, the teacher will let him say it again, the students will laugh again. He doesn’t dare to participate in any student club activities. Because I feel very soil, but did not dare to tell the girls. He studied at the University for 5 years, including one year due to tuberculosis sickness, in the two he believed that the most important thing the University, left a regret.

almost a year, he was hiding in a small town in the north to listen to the radio, imitate the radio announcer to speak, so that others can understand their mandarin.

now, he can talk to as the announcer speed in the meeting of the CPPCC National Committee, and believe that today’s cheeky, to run for student council no problem. But at that time, he was unable to overcome the fear that

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