How to plan a forum

The title of the site: the site of each of the procedures of the community forum article author: gougliang

a division of labor in society, the network should also be on the division of labor. It is precisely because of the division of labor in detail, the social life of the law, then when the network is very chaotic, whether it is necessary to sum up the division of the network?

in this paper, referring to the BBS, a very wide application site procedures, different platforms, different developers have, seem to have a great potential and market. That’s true, but it’s not that blindly building a BBS is a success.

because of a community forum is the first consideration of characteristics, this is a problem that has troubled me, what is unique? I am not before the summary, but now some picture. This should be attributed to the mainstream, the mainstream of your community. When you are original when most of the forum, the forum is the original forum features you; when you are talking to the forum, your feature is the discussion of the Forum; when your forum is water, confusing your forum; when your forum is for the transaction the forum is the sale of your Xing forum.

if know what what features, so how to form these features?

1, determine the theme of the forum, a good program. Theme set down, the column around the theme. The column once laid down, they don’t change at will, in general, need a month to set up a forum, the specific content of the column is one thing, to determine a good program, not in the open after transformation column free, so for visitors is cruel, if you change your program, user access the forum is like entering the maze.

The basic system of

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