How to use the nternet to see the five needs of products

That makes users unable to stop the

products throughout the Internet, it is to meet the needs of every kind of human. Whether it is a fighting entrepreneur or qualified product manager, must be very familiar with Maslow’s five major human needs. All of the products are based on these five requirements, or the integration of them through each other.

is the most basic physiological needs of human survival, but also the basis for other needs can be achieved. Thriving dining buy, catering 020 continue to be favored by VCs, they meet the physical needs of mankind, as well as carving ye can not stand because of the deprivation of human rights in Beijing air invention of air purifier.

360 antivirus software to protect your computer from infringement, play a security role; the medical and medical APP 020 growth can not be underestimated; these are the extension of the Internet to product safety requirements.

is followed by the pursuit of a higher level of human spiritual needs: social needs, esteem needs and self actualization needs. In fact, when we use a product, even if the purpose is only to meet the needs of a certain level, but in fact it is more or less meet the needs of other. It can be said that they are closely related to each other, and only with the ability to meet the needs of human diversity products have a certain degree of permanence and vitality.

meet a variety of needs to enhance user stickiness

food and beverage category carved sirloin, consumers enjoy it when it has from the simple human physiological needs to rise to the pursuit of exquisite, high quality. So there is a high popularity. Besides litchi FM, you can create a private radio station APP, which allows consumers to meet the social needs, but also allow consumers in the private radio station can tell the secret or extend this hobby, but also meet the esteem needs and self actualization needs, so you can see the depth of social demand in respect of demand coincide. The giant was eyeing the wedding industry, the chain can be extended from dating has been extended to the maternal and child market. The integration of each scene is to meet the needs of multiple. For example, in the WeChat platform to know and become lovers, you can only use the application according to the couple to their precise recommend some activities such as shooting pictures of the couple, and then you can 020 similar cooperation platform in wed114 such as wedding photography; adds a rich and interesting social platform, to meet the multiple consumers need.

focus on life Watch pain points

if you find out what is inconvenient and tedious in your life, then it may be a problem for everyone. And then think about how to further implement the possibility of the product, and the most difficult thing is that you find the pain points. For a very simple example, we usually put on a rainy day before the car will be put up the umbrella, but there is an umbrella to allow users to take a taxi on a single manual button will automatically close the umbrella. This product makes life

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