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three years ago, has just graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhang Xuhao did not want to start their career in what way, he graduated with several Jiaotong University classmates set up a restaurant for pizza delivery companies, "hungry" started up in position so vague under. But the takeaway business is not easy, after one and a half years of exploration, the entrepreneurial team will be "hungry re orientation" doing the catering industry taobao.com.

in the ideal layout of Zhang Xuhao, the country will have five million restaurant access "hungry" website, the user can see the line on the website all can choose home delivery delicacy, and can also choose a location to store consumer. The calculation of the current access every day more than 3 thousand restaurants have sixty thousand orders in the future should be the size of one million single day. Such a scale envisaged with Taobao’s trading volume is now much less than the same, but also enough to make people amazing. Provide for the customer and the restaurant a digital trading platform needs to be popular in order to "money" by Zhang Xuhao, the Commission did not expect such "business model" from the original single transaction, he wanted to expand the scale, "Taobao is the first free, then a lot of business model, now do not worry too much".

to help the restaurant through the digital way to complete the order, become hungry team of the current task. It is not difficult to set up an information platform, even at the date of loss of phase, has completed two rounds of financing "hungry" is more willing to spend energy will sign shop around the country to allow more access to the restaurant on the platform is "hungry" team work center. As an entrepreneurial team, although there are already two people of scale, but for Zhang Xuhao, this is not enough". Like many people in the industry, Zhang Xuhao is not worried about the loss of coverage "in the mature region is completely profitable, more losses mainly from us at the same time in the development of many new areas, equivalent to some profit in subsidies".

in the hungry on the expansion map, a city is divided into more than and 100 plots, each land cover. Zhang Xuhao said that Shanghai now has more than a dozen plots of land is very profitable, in 2011 to enter the Beijing about four or five plots of land is very profitable in September.

source of revenue to pay an annual fee in addition to the restaurant and PPC costs, and provide personalized solutions for some restaurant income and special needs, such as fifteen minutes must arrive at the custom service. In a small range of proven profit model allows Zhang Xuhao to be more happy to expand the scale of staking, liquidity has been verified in a small range, and now as long as we reach a larger scale to consider liquidation." Zhang Xuhao said.

looking for pain points

"hungry" is just a wave of waves O2O. O2O is Online To Offline, >

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