Recipe sharing site Gojee collect chowhound favorite customers


Gojee home page is a huge food HD picture, very influential, right?

Gojee is an art of recipe sharing site, currently through more than and 300 independent food blog to get content, all the information has been carefully selected. Because there are a lot of super large pictures, Gojee is also known as full screen version of Pinterest".

the company was founded in July 2011, initially hoped to provide users with similar tablet browsing experience recipes, but the initial stage of the first version of the web version. Since then, they have begun to study how users interact with the service, as well as the use of preferences, and finally launched on Wednesday iPhone, iPad and Android mobile applications.

iPad version is very similar to the use of the site, but the increase of the sliding function of the finger. Smartphone version is more emphasis on vertical experience, but still with the overall style of the site similar.

users in the use of the site, you can browse a variety of recipes, and get inspiration from the super large picture. Because the picture is big and clear, it gives a strong sense of reality.

the company is currently considering adding some new features, including the classification of their favorite things to save, or allow users to upload pictures.

Gojee completed in July this year, the first round of $2 million 800 thousand financing, the investor is InterWest Partners.

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