dentify the most important ideas of Amoy want to make money

with Ali mother transferred to Taobao OPEN API guest API, more and more people join the ranks of the guest promotion. Amoy website also like bamboo shoots after a spring rain as much up, but look at the 80% station in 1000 stations are nothing special. Explain some of the main ideas on the site. To know that too many sites are not only similar to the search included, but it is difficult to impress buyers, not to mention the effective shopping guide and conversion rate. As a Taobao guest, is willing to share some of their insights and share.

a, specializes in

surgeryA lot of

station are made with the existing Taobao OPEN API, similar style, plus API is a direct call to the Taobao data, the content of the website is also very similar, even many websites in imitation of the official Taobao style, the pursuit of large, complex, full. Think about your whole and Taobao, why people want to buy from your site directly to Taobao to buy is not more assured.

I think the right ideas are to be carried out in a particular category, such as familiar, trading, or high profits. So you can do more professional, the effect is better.

two, do fine in order to attract people

on the basis of the special, so that people can trust you, and then affect the behavior of others. A long-term Amoy owners should not be merely a website builder, it is a specialized in a product of experts and consumer advisor, through their own professional knowledge to guide and influence consumer buying behavior, which effectively influence consumer behavior of such station to the field of consumer also, in order to web surfers’ desire to buy into actual purchase behavior, the website in order to generate revenue.

three, the promotion of goods have the skills

guest website is by the promotion of commodity and in accordance with the actual transaction price and the seller promised Taobao percentage commission, Amoy system in the promotion of goods generally have such characteristics: high percentage corresponding to high price; the low percentage corresponds to a low price. Now many Amoy owners tend to be tempted by the high commission and the choice of the high percentage of high price of the commodity promotion. But for you are a consumer, you will rush to buy high prices on the Internet, but do not know exactly how the product quality or effect? So I think that "low percentage – low price" of the commodity is more conducive to the promotion, the so-called puerile.

A little more than just

ideas of their own, slimming products list is according to the methods of making guest tuiguangzhan, hope that we progress together.

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